Submersible Motors

Named after Benjamin Franklin, a pioneer in electrical engineering, Franklin Electric’s core is the world’s first reliable submersible electric motor for water systems, which has remained a staple of the water well industry. More than 75 years after the establishment of Franklin Electric, we continue to manufacture and distribute improved versions of this unrivaled motor design all around the world, and have expanded our expertise to create innovative solutions, including pumps, electronics, and adjacent products, addressing modern industry challenges and serving our customers’ needs.

• 4"/6"/8" encapsulated motors (0.25 – 150 kW)
• 6"/8"/10"/12" rewindable motors (4 – 400 kW)
• 4"/6"/8"/10" permanent magnet motors (0.55 – 250 kW)
• 4"/6" rewindable oil-filled motors (0.37 – 30 kW)