How plants are irrigated from a well on Paros with the 4" Solar HES


1200 X 630 Px Solar HES On Paros Greece

A farm irrigates its crops with water from a 100-meter-deep well. This is pumped with the help of a 4-inch solar well system from Franklin Electric and solar energy from 9 solar panels.

Solar system for watering plants from a water tank

A farm on the island of Paros in Greece installed Franklin Electric‘s 4-inch High Efficiency System (HES) to pump water from a well application into a water tank for crop irrigation. The water is pumped from a depth of approximately 100 meters. 

Installed is a Solar High Efficiency System with the following components:

  • Encapsulated 4" Solar motor 200 V three-phase 2.2 kW with permanent magnet technology
  • 4" submersible pump VS2/20
  • Frequency converter Drive-Tech MINI Solar 2.015 MP
  • Level switch for the water tank

Energy savings of up to 20%

Franklin Electric is setting new standards in energy savings and efficiencies with its High Efficiency systems. Compared to standard asynchronous motors, savings of up to 20% have been achieved in the numerous systems already installed worldwide. It is the combination of perfectly matched components and their control: motor, pump, frequency converter and, if necessary, output filter harmonize perfectly from a technical point of view. First and foremost, however, it is due to the highly efficient permanent magnet motor. The technology eliminates rotor losses and thus significantly reduces current and self-heating. In many cases, the current reduction achieved leads to smaller cable cross-sections, which in turn has a positive effect on overall costs.

Setting up the system remotely

Even though the commissioning of the system is very intuitive thanks to the Franklin Electric app solution, it sometimes takes a bit of intuition and experience to find the right settings.
It‘s a good thing that Franklin Electric customers can rely on the assistance of the Technical Support in such cases! Since the system can even be controlled remotely via the mobile app, the customer was helped quickly.

In this application example, the system was commissioned in bad weather, not the best starting conditions for a solar system. However, Franklin‘s experts were able to adjust the parameters so that the motor turned and water was pumped despite the bad weather conditions. When the sun came out, the system ran optimally and pumped about 2.0 m³/hour. water, so that the water tank filled up quickly.

 Solar System Installation Including Flow Switch EN

Installation of the 4“ HES: When the filling of the tank has dropped to a defined level, the pump restarts independently to refill the water tank.