4" Submersible Motor Cable Standardization


In the course of the second quarter of 2019, Franklin Electric standardizes the submersible motor cable material design. This change will affect all 4" motors up to 3 kW, Model-No. 2x4 xxx 67xxL

Product advantages:

  • Fully 316SS material
  • Screw with Torx screwdriver Tx25
  • cable part number:

Old:        310 178 401             
New:      310 178 501 (please see catalog)

  • Same prices as 304SS – no additional costs 
  • Material, marked with letter “L”


  • Running change – expect mixed inventory until completion
  • Same motor number

For further information, please contact your responsible Sales Manager or Field Service Engineer.

FN Series - New range of cast iron centrifugal pumps according to EN733


Franklin Electric is pleased to introduce the new FN series of cast iron, single impeller, centrifugal pumps according to EN733. The FN Series is designed and built entirely in Italy using cutting-edge technology in terms of quality and efficiency.


The FN pumps are completely made of cast iron, externally coated with anticorrosive treatment. The impeller is painted with a cataphoretic coating to avoid any corrosion. The motors are according to the highest standards of efficiency.

The product is available in several configurations in terms of compatibility of liquids, electric motor brands, special voltages and accessories (please see pdf download).

For further information such as technical catalogs and instruction manuals, please visit For commercial information, prices and lead times, please contact your commercial or marketing contact at Franklin Electric / E-Tech.

Upgrade Drive-Tech


Starting from May 2018 there will be an upgrade of hardware and software of the following Drive-Tech models:

  • DRIVE-TECH  3 x 230 V, from 3 kW up to 7.5 kW
  • DRIVE-TECH  3 x 380 V – 460 V, from 5.5 kW up to 15 kW  

Upgrade of capacitor

The electrolytic capacitors on the DC bus will be replaced by film capacitors. This will not only extend the product lifetime but also reduce the input current.

Sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC)

There will be sensorless FOC controls implemented for three-phase asynchronous and synchronous permanent magnet motors. This has the following advantages:

  • Optimal current control at each work point
  • Quick and precise speed adjustment
  • Less energy consumption
  • Reduction of torque fluctuations (vibrations) for smoother operation throughout the frequency range and less system noise
  • Less mechanical stress on the motor, pump and hydraulic system

The Field Oriented Control (FOC) requires a tuning operation to be performed to learn the electrical parameters of the motor. Full communication compatibility between new and previous devices, when connected in COMBO mode, is guaranteed.

The updated devices are identified accordingly on the product package and the date code. All updated technical details will also be described in the manual revision which is part of the product package. Shortly all information will be available on this website.

For further information please contact your commercial or marketing contact in Franklin Electric / E-Tech.

New inverter device: Drive-Tech MINI and pump systems EH-DTm and EM-DTm


Franklin Electric is pleased to introduce the new inverter device Drive-Tech MINI, which is mounted onto the motor of EH and EM pumps. For many years the E-Tech Multistage Pump Series EH and EM have been considered as the most efficient pumping systems in the market. With the Drive-Tech MINI the energy-saving benefits of these systems will be even higher.

The Drive-Tech MINI has a cast aluminum casing (with IP55 enclosure rating), which is equipped with an integrated ventilation system to improve thermal and mechanical performance.

The Drive-Tech MINI with its state-of-the-art technology combines efficiency, simplicity, innovation and safety:

Efficiency: The Drive-Tech MINI achieves overall energy savings up to 40 %, compared to conventional speed control systems.

Simplicity: The Drive-Tech MINI is mounted directly onto the motor control box. It is already supplied with a 2.0 meter power cable and a 1.50 meter cable to connect with the pressure transducer.

Innovation: The Drive-Tech MINI can be controlled manually by the board panel or via Bluetooth by the Franklin Smartphone App “FE Connect Drivetech” (Android and IOS), enabling you to set and monitor the system remotely, save working data and increase the pump performance.

Safety: The integrated Class B (EN55011) input-filter prevents any type of disturbances in the domestic network to ensure a reliable use. The filter follows EMC Directives (electromagnetic compatibility).

In combination with the Drive-Tech MINI, the performance of the EH-DTm and EM-DTm systems has been improved even further. There are six models with flows up to 17 m³/h, head up to 101 m and power ranges from 0.55 kW up to 1.5 kW making EH-DTm and EM-DTm Pumping Systems the ideal solution for boosting systems, HVAC plants and general water supply.

The EH-DTm and EM-DTm systems can be operated with up to 8 combined units (COMBO setting) with each Drive-Tech MINI controlling and protecting its pump. The operation is shared among all connected pumps to balance the pump wearing. In case of an operation failure of a pump, the remaining pumps continue to work.

For commercial information such as prices and lead times, please contact your commercial or marketing contact in Franklin Electric / E-Tech

EV Vertical Multistage Pumps: New kit for horizontal mounting


Franklin Electric is pleased to introduce the new bracket for easy and secure horizontal mounting of EV pumps, available from 0,37 kW up to 22 kW. The new kit is the right choice for applications where high pressure pumping systems are necessary, but where there is not enough space for vertical mounting.

Depending on the pump power, there are two variants available:

Design Kit for EV 1÷3÷6 from 0.37 kW up to 4 kW
Design Kit for EV 10÷15÷20 from 0.75 kW up to 4 kW

Design Kit for EV 1÷3÷6 from 5.5 kW up to 7.5 kW
Design Kit for EV 10÷15÷20 from 5.5 kW up to 22 kW

Please refer to the attached pdf document for detailed drawings.

For commercial information such as prices and lead times, please refer to the “Accessories” section in the price list or contact your commercial or marketing contact in Franklin Electric / E-Tech.

EV Vertical Multistage Pumps: High Pressure System


Franklin Electric is pleased to introduce the High Pressure System for EV Vertical Multistage Pumps. Franklin Electric has developed the EV High Pressure Pumping System, which allows pressure up to 50 bar for applications such as water treatment (ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis), high pressure washing systems and heating boilers.

The EV High Pressure System has a robust design, equipped with Victaulic couplings and a balanced mechanical seal for reliable resistance against high pressure. This guarantees a long product life.

There are two different configurations available:

In case of “high” suction pressure and discharge pressure of up to 50 bar, the H single pump is the right solution.
1-      Reinforced external casing
2-      Balanced mechanical seal

In case of “low” suction pressure (close to atmospheric) and discharge pressure of up to 50 bar, the Tandem system is the right solution. It contains the following elements:

1-      EV Standard pump
2-      EV H
3-      Kit pipe and 2 Victaulic couplings

The EV High Pressure System models are available from EV1 up to EV20, in VN (Victaulic couplings) and AISI316 version. They are identified in the pump identification code as follows:

EV20/14 VN 150 T BV4 H IE3 ELP 400/690/A (example)

For further information please see attachment. For commercial information such as prices and lead times, please contact your commercial or marketing contact in Franklin Electric / E-Tech.

New Victaulic Adapters


Franklin Electric is pleased to introduce the new Victaulic adapters for threaded pumps such as the EH, EHsp, EM, VN and ES series. The new adapters, completely in stainless steel AISI316L, transform a threaded nozzles pump into a product for special applications where high safety level and easy assembly/disassembly procedures are requested. On one side the adapters are threaded to be assembled to the pump suction and discharge threaded nozzles, and on the other side, there is the connection to the pipe through the Victaulic coupling.

The Victaulic couplings offer highest standards in safety and reliability for hydraulic installations. They are commonly used in fire-fighting systems for example, because they can resist pressure over 40 bar and compensate pipe misalignment. Due to easy assembly and disassembly the Victaulic pipe connection allows a significant time saving.

The Victaulic adapters are available on stock and supplied in a single package. Price upon request. For further information, please see the pdf document and contact your commercial or marketing contact in Franklin Electric / E-Tech.


Supplier change for the Output filters of Franklin Electric High Efficiency Systems


Franklin Electric's commitment to quality and availability has the target to provide customers with defect-free products at any time and thus permanently evaluates and incorporates new technologies and components into existing products in the course of the Continuous Improvement Program.

To prevent potential future delivery shortages or quality issues Franklin Electric has changed the supplier of the output filter for the High Efficiency Systems. The former supplier has been taken over by a large organization, which has changed its focus to different product lines. Under these circumstances, Franklin Electric can’t secure the future availability and decided to cooperate with an alternative, more secure source for this output filter.


There is no change in the performance


The product and system model numbers remain unchanged.


The dimensions and weights have slightly changed (especially on the IP54 versions). Please see details in the attachments to this News.

Modification to the synchronous motors of 8" High Efficiency Systems


Franklin Electric's commitment to innovation means that we evaluate and incorporate new technologies into our existing products, services, and processes to continuously improve value to our customers.

Due to this we have made a slight modification to the synchronous motor of the 8" High Efficiency System and extended the upper winding cover and thus the total motor length by 30 mm to generate more space for a professional winding wire-lead splice, especially with special motor leads.

There is no change in the performance

The product and system model numbers remain unchanged. There is a differentiation by date code engraved on the motor beginning with the date code 17H72.

The length of the upper winding cover has been extended by 30 mm.  

ACS Approval for EHsp Pumps


ACS Approval for EHsp Pumps
Franklin Electric is pleased to announce the obtainment of the ACS approval for the EHsp series.

The “Attestation de conformité sanitaire” (ACS) is the French drinking water certification which demonstrates the suitability of products to come into contact with water intended for human consumption.
Thanks to this approval, Franklin Electric can supply its high quality stainless steel products not only for general domestic use, but also for managing drinking water for human use.
This is another important achievement for Franklin Electric in terms of products for people.

You can download the approval certificate on our website.

Please do not hesitate to contact your Franklin Electric Area Sales Manager or Field Service Engineer for additional