New design of Coverco 4 inch rewindable oil-filled motor


2024 01 New Design Of Coverco 4 Inch Oil Filled Motor EN

We are glad to present an upgrade of our rewindable, oil-filled 4-inch Coverco motor. The design has been further developed to make it even more reliable and resilient. The design is more compact with excellent performance.

  •      Reliable and resilient construction
  •      New modernized winding design
  •      Robust mechanical design
  •      Excellent performance
  •      Reduction of plastic parts
  •      Suitable for VFD operation
  •      Flexibility of power supply, even at low voltages

The motor will continue to be produced in consistently high quality at our plant in Brno/Czech Republic.
The Low Thrust version up to 2.2 kW can be ordered from 31.01.2024, available from 31.03.2024.

Features & Benefits:

  • Motors are pre-filled with a dielectric fluid (known as „white oil“), approved by the FDA and other international pharmacological institutes.
  • The motors can be powered with single-phase and three-phase power supply.
  • Reliable operation in wells with diameters of ≥ 4" for water up to 30 °C
  • Axial and radial oil lubricated bearings allow maintenance-free operation. *
  • Cable material compliant with drinking water standards
  • Sand protection / Mechanical seal allow optimal operation even in the presence of sand in the well
  • Excellent efficiency and low operating costs

Technical Data:

  • Ratings: Low Thrust 0.37 – 2.2 kW
  • 4" NEMA mounting design
  • Protection IP68 and insulation class F
  • Frequency of starts: 30 starts/hour
  • Vertical and horizontal operation
  • Suitable for VFD operation (230 V, without filter)
  • Voltage: Single-phase: 210-220-230 V / 50 Hz - 220-230 V / 60 Hz
    Three-phase: 230-230 V / 50 Hz - 380-415 V / 50 Hz - 460 V / 60 Hz - 220-230 V / 60 Hz - 380 V / 60 Hz
  • Voltage tolerance: UN +6% / -10%
  • Motor protection: thermal relays in compliance with EN 60947-4-1, trip class 10 or 10 A, trip time < 10 s. at 5 x IN
  • Nominal ambient temperature: 30 °C with 0.08 m/s cooling flow
  • Cable dimensions: 4 x 1.5 mm²
  • Water pH: 6.5 - 8
  • Thrust load Low Thrust: 1500 N, 2500 N


New Franklin Electric Variable Frequency Drives


2023 10 New Drives EN

New Franklin Electric Variable Frequency Drives

­Franklin Electric is pleased to announce the launch of the new CERUS X-Drive and DrivE-Tech COMPACT variable frequency drives. The CERUS X-Drive and DrivE-Tech COMPACT are the latest achievements in fully featured, reliable, and compact drive solutions for many industries and applications. Both drive models combining complex design, necessary for the most demanding applications in pump, HVAC and industrial markets, with the ease of an economic user-friendly variable speed controller.



  • Wide performance range up to 250 kW
  • Application-specific pre-sets for quick and easy startups
  • State-of-the-art motor and pump protection features
  • Multi segment digital removable display
  • Bluetooth connectivity and Mobile App control
  • Built-in DC choke for applications ≥ 37 kW
  • Compact form-factor allows installation in smaller panel
  • CE and UL approved



  • State of the art motor and pump protection features
  • Factory-featured with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
  • Remote control and support through Unyconnect Mobile app
  • OLED digital user display
  • Built-in dV/dt filtering for best motor protection
  • Robust IP66 enclosure rating for harsh environments
  • DC solar supply
  • Direct wall mount and surface pump installation
  • CE approved



  • Real-time monitoring through Unyconnect and FE Connect Mobile App
  • Remote Control, commissioning, and support by Franklin Electric Service Team*
  • Fully accessible everywhere and any time**


 ** Access through cellular mobile network using Bridge-Mode on DrivE-Tech COMPACT
* Cellular mobile network connection required


For more information about the variable frequency drive, please refer to the catalog.

EV/VR Vertical multistage pumps Spacer coupling now in aluminum


EV/VR Vertical multistage pumps: spacer coupling now in aluminum

EV-VR pumps_spacer coupling

The material of the spacer coupling of EV/VR multistage vertical pumpswill be changed from cast iron to aluminum.

The implementation times are as follows:

EV/VR15-20      production starting     October 1
EV/VR1-10        production starting     October 15
EV/VR30-95      production starting     October 30

Please note that the spacer coupling is fitted to EV/VR pumps in the range of 5.5 kW to 45 kW motors.



This modification improves the balancing of the rotating parts, which further reduces stress and vibration on the bearings and makes the product even more efficient.

The two versions are fully interchangeable. Therefore, the new coupling will be introduced with a smooth transition. The model number of the pump will not change. The spare parts will be updated accordingly.

Section image_spacer coupling


For further information, please contact your local Franklin Electric representative.

Product Manager

Conversion of standard winding wire from PVC to PPC


Conversion of the standard winding wire from PVC to PPC for Franklin Electric rewindable motors

The insulation material of our Franklin Electric rewindable motors will be replaced by PPC (Polypropylene Carbonate).

Our long-time supplier of PVC and later also of PVC lead-free winding wire has surprisingly discontinued production, so Franklin Electric had no alternative, but to switch to a new winding wire. Franklin Electric had bought up the complete remaining quantity and, in this way, gained time to intensively examine the alternatives. Now these stocks are also slowly running out so that the successive conversion of the individual cross-sections/motor ratings is expected to be completed by the end of September.

After extensive production, laboratory and field tests with various materials, wedecided on the insulation material PPC (Polypropylene Carbonate) because of the following reasons:

  • Excellent insulation properties (see fig. 1),
  • Very good processability and thus process reliability
  • Many years of field experience with PPC of one of our subsidiaries

Figure 1: Insulation resistance of PVC lead-free and PPC

Isolation Resistance PVC PPC EN


For further information, please contact your local Franklin Electric representative.
The documentation will be adapted accordingly shortly.


VSI 8"-10" pumps are now available on FE Select


2023-07 VSI 8-10 FE Select_Banner image EN

FE Select_logo

VSI 8"-10" pumps are now available on FE Select

FE Select implementation is continuing. Franklin Electric’s new selector system is now also available for
E-Tech and FPS VSI 8"-10" SS Cast Submersible Pumps at 50 Hz.

Register now and start to use the new tool!



FE Select EMENA is a digital selection software tool that simplifies product selection, configuration, and quoting.
This online tool guides you through the process from start to finish, requiring only the basic application data, such as flow and head demands, to size many pumping systems. The software properly matches the components necessary for the desired application, provides specific data sheets and offers links to related informational product documentation.

Features of FE Select:

  • 24/7 accessibility
  • A quick export option that allows to simplify the quotation request
  • Simple software navigation

Selection tools Franklin Electric EMENA:

More products will be added to FE Select shortly. The link will be displayed on the applicable product pages on the website By clicking on this link, you can easily start the selection process.
In addition to FE Select, we will continue to utilize our current Pump selector software for Etech products and
High Efficiency System Selection and Payback Tool until they will also be integrated into the new FE Select software at a later date. To visit our comprehensive Pump Selection page, click here.

Beyond the pumping systems
Discover more about our services and tools.

Beyond PS_EN

Little Giant 5-MSP utility pump now available on Franklin Electric Product Portfolio


 5-MSP newsletter banner image EN

 Little Giant logo

5-MSP utility pump now available on Franklin Electric Product Portfolio  

 Franklin Electric extends its product range with the series of Little Giant utility pumps.

Designed for extreme portability and lightweight enough to keep on hand for unexpected jobs, these small but mighty pumps offer convenient and efficient temporary clear water removal from basements, crawlspaces, loading docks --- just about anywhere water can make an uninvited appearance.

5-MSP product




The 5-Series is one of the most compact utility pumps on the market, ideal for light commercial and residential applications where water removal, transfer or circulation is required. 5-Series pumps are great for multi-purpose utility applications.



• Corrosion and rust-resistant materials
• Rated for continuous duty which allow a wide range of applications
• Compact design and light weight make this pump truly portable
• Environmentally friendly, energy efficient and oil free 180 W PSC motor, Max. flow: 88 l/min
• FKM triple-lip seal
• 1" BSPT discharge
• Garden hose adapter ¾" NPT and garden rubber holder adapter 20 mm
• Manual operation: pumping down to 3.2 mm with screen and down to 1.6 mm without screen reduces overall water removal clean up time and effort
• Maximum solids size: 3 mm
• Standard power cable: 10 m with Schuko plug
• Maximum liquid temperature: 49 °C



5-MSP parts and material_EN 



5-MSP technical data_EN

5-MSP drawing



5-MSP hydraulic performance 50 hz_EN

5-MSP hydraulic performance 50 hz_graphic_EN


VSI Series - New Submersible borehole SS cast pumps


VSI Series_banner image EN

VSI Series - New Submersible borehole SS cast pumps

Franklin Electric is pleased to announce the introduction of new submersible borehole pumps entirely manufactured in casted stainless steel.




  • High efficiency (up to 83.5%)  
  • Balanced impellers
  • Vesconite Hilube® top bearing bush (closed on top)
  • PTFE + Graphite up-thrust bearing
  • Shrink fit coupling



VSI applications_EN
















Suitable for pumping drinking water (ACS approved)  



The pump is available in two different sizes (8" and 10"), three different flow rates up to 350 m³/h
and delivery heads up to 600 m.

VSI_Family curves_with efficiency curves


OPTIONS  VSI materials

  • YΔ version
  • Different impeller diameters for 10" pump
  • High grade construction materials in CF8/304, CF8M/316, DUPLEX


 FE Select_logo

VSI series will shortly be available on FE Select.


Product Management

WRAS certificate update for Franklin Electric Vertical Multistage pumps


EV WRAS certificate banner image_EN

WRAS certificate update for Franklin Electric Vertical Multistage pumps

The WRAS certificate for drinking water has now been updated until May 2028 for Vertical Multistage pumps in the models from 30 to 95.

WRAS certificate

EV group image











Please do not hesitate to contact your Franklin Electric Sales contact.

New Mobile App for DrivE-Tech VFDs


2023 05 Unyconnect EN

New Mobile App for DrivE-Tech Variable Frequency Drives

The new Unyconnect Mobile App includes all features of the current FE Connect DrivE-Tech Mobile App and expands them to better support you in installing, commissioning, troubleshooting and monitoring your surface and submersible pump application powered with a DrivE-Tech variable frequency drive.

The Unyconnect Mobile App is now available in iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store.

Streamlined Setup / Optimized Features

  • Intuitive interface to quickly setup your DrivE-Tech VFD
  • Control and monitor your pump installation
  • Create and manage configurations from one installation to the next
  • Minimize hands-on interaction by saving parameter settings
  • Read and share system performance and fault history
  • Online access to DrivE-Tech operation manual
  • Various languages available

Easy Installation & Support

  • Real-time monitoring and control using your smart device
  • Smart Bridge Mode for remote support, commissioning and troubleshooting by the Franklin Electric Service Team
  • REMO mode for permanent remote access, from everywhere, at any time*
  • In-App support and recommended corrective actions

Service Compatible Franklin Electric Products

  • DrivE-Tech
  • DrivE-Tech MINI
  • DrivE-Tech COMPACT

How to use Unyconnect

Download the Unyconnect App from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. After starting Unyconnect, you will need to create a user account. If you are already using the current FE Connect Drive-Tech App, you can use the same user account in Unyconnect. After entering your account details, you will be asked to scan the QR code of your product with the smartphone camera. The QR code can be found in the operating manual or on the product label. After scanning the QR code, you will have full access to the FE Connect Drive-Tech App and its new features.


* Cellular mobile or WiFi network connection required

New submersible drainage pumps


FDR Series: Franklin Dewatering Residential
FDP Series: Franklin Dewatering Professional

Franklin Electric is pleased to announce the introduction of new submersible pumps for the drainage of clear and turbid waters. The electric submersible pumps are suitable for numerous applications in the residential, commercial, industrial, construction and mining sectors.

FDR banner image EN

  • Drainage and dewatering rooms or tanksFDR applications
  • Rainwater collection  
  • Extraction of water from ponds, streams or pits


They can be used as ready-to-use portable pumps for:

FDR markets EN

  • Construction sites
  • Basement wells  
  • Fixed installations with control panel


  • Open impeller  FDR-FDP impeller



FDP banner image EN

  • Construction site drainage and dewateringFDP applications
  • Mining, quarrying drainage and dewatering  
  • Emergency flood water drainage
  • Rainwater collection




FDP markets EN

They can be used as ready-to-use portable pumps for:

  • Construction sites
  • Basement wells  
  • Fixed installations with control panel
  • Pumping liquids, including abrasive ones



FDR-FDP impeller


  • Open impeller  
  • Double open impeller