Acquisition of Hydropompe


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Dear customers

We are pleased to announce that Franklin Electric has acquired Hydropompe srl, a manufacturer of electric submersible pumps for the drainage and lifting of wastewater and sewage.

Hydropompe manufactures in Ponte delle Alpi (BL) / Italy and has more than forty years of experience in this sector.
We are glad that Hydropompe is now part of the Franklin Electric EMEA Group and completes our product portfolio with new drainage and wastewater solutions and enriches our know-how in the field of wastewater treatment.

The electric submersible pumps are suitable for numerous applications in the domestic, municipal and industrial sectors.

 50 FWS V                           80-100 FWC V                        50FGR

HYDRO 9X-11X                              HYDRO 11-15K2                             HYDRO 10-15-20-30

Hydropompe logo


For further information please contact your Sales representative.


Kind regards,

Davide Perin
Vice-President, EMEA Commercial Director

FNC and FNE series soon available with brass impellers



2023-02 End suction pumps impellers upgrade_banner

FNC and FNE series soon available with brass impellers

In terms of continuous improvement, the design of some End suction centrifugal pumps will be enhanced shortly.
The material of the impeller will be changed from cast iron to brass.

This concerns the following pump types: FNC

  • FNC 32 125
  • FNE 32 125


  • Improvement of the efficiency by reducing the weight at the shaft end
  • Strength and reliability of our product even in slightly sandy water
  • Optimization of spare parts stock FNE

As the two products are completely interchangeable, it will be a running change, probably starting from March 2023.
Initially, pumps in stock will be shipped with the current cast iron impeller design.


Kind regards,

Maurizio De Angelis
Product Manager

Save energy with permanent magnet technology


2023 02 HES EN

Franklin Electric High Efficiency Pumping Systems (HES)

The increase of energy costs is becoming more challenging than ever before when carefully sizing a water pumping application. With the Franklin Electric High Efficiency System you can reduce energy costs by up to 21% compared to asynchronous pumping systems.

The Franklin Electric permanent magnet synchronous motor provides superior efficiency, excellent energy savings and strong reliability making it the best choice for your upcoming pumping application. Instead of a traditional shortcircuit induction type rotor, the high efficiency motor contains a permanent magnet rotor that follows Franklin Electric’s well proven design principles.

Learn more about the advantages of the High Efficiency Systems and watch our explainer video:

 HES Video

Energy savings with permanent magnet technology - YouTube

The Permanent Magnet Motor design eliminates electrical rotor losses resulting in lower motor amps, improved partial load behavior and reduced temperature heat rise.

Compared to standard asynchronous motors, energy savings of up to 21 % have been achieved in numerous systems installed worldwide.

  • No electrical rotor losses with permanent magnet motors
  • Up to 15 points (21 %) improved motor efficiency*
  • Reduced motor current / cable cross-section
  • Synchronous speed (no slip)
  • Excellent partial load behaviour (Reduced stock levels)
  • Less temperature heat rise

Read the success stories about our HES installations.

HES Landing Page


  • Operation with grid or solar supply
  • Easy and fast commissioning due to initial configuration wizard
  • Remote control and real-time monitoring via Mobile App (4"/6")
  • Remote assistance / Trouble shooting via Mobile App (4"/6")

To help you select the right system for your grid and solar applications, use the HES selection and sizing tool.

Learn more about the advantages of the High Efficiency Systems and watch our explainer video

HES Explainer Video


Little Giant condensate removal pumps now available on Franklin Electric Product Portfolio


LG Condensate removal pumps banner_EN

Little Giant logo 

condensate removal pumps now available on Franklin Electric Product Portfolio

Franklin Electric extends its product range with the series of Little Giant condensate pumps.

The Little Giant brand has always been the front-runner in condensate removal pump design.
With the widest range of centrifugal tank pumps and over 75 years of history in commercial pumps and pump systems, Little Giant is one of the leading names in air conditioning, heating and refrigeration condensate removal.
It is also known as the brand to use for condensate drain switches and evaporative cooler water pumps.

Little Giant HVAC/R products live up to the Franklin Electric’s Key Factors for Success:
Quality, Availability, Service, Innovation, Cost.



Condensate removal pumps provide a low maintenance solution when gravity drainage is not possible or practical.
These pumps work to reroute the condensate up and away, reducing risk or property damage.

Condensate removal pumps are available in the following series:  Condensate removal_VCMX-20S
• VCMX Series
• VCMA Series
• VCCA Series
• VCL Series
• ABS Series  Condensate removal_VCMA-20S
• EC-1 Series



Evaporative cooler pumps from Little Giant are your go-to for new and replacement installations. Designed with universal mounting configurations, these evaporative cooler pumps are ideal for multi-industry applications to keep your systems up and running.  Condensate removal_CP

Evaporative cooler pumps are available in the following series:  
• CP Series



Ice machine pumps from Little Giant are the perfect fit for most of OEM systems,  Condensate removal_RIM-U
making the maintenance easy.

Ice machine pumps are available in the following series:
• RIM-U Series


Steady growth for FE Select: VS and SR 6"-8" pumps are now available


2022-11 VS 6-8 pump selector EN_header

 FE Select_logo

The implementation of FE Select is continuing. Franklin’s new selector system is now also available for E-Tech and FPS 6"-8" Submersible Pumps at 50 Hz.

Register now and start to use the new tool!



FE Select EMENA is a digital selection software tool that simplifies product selection, configuration, and quoting.
This online tool guides you through the process from start to finish, requiring only the basic application data, such as flow and head demands, to size many pumping systems. The software properly matches the components necessary for the desired application, provides specific data sheets and offers links to related informational product documentation.


Features of FE Select:

  • 24/7 accessibility
  • A quick export option that allows to simplify the quotation request
  • Simple software navigation


Selection tools Franklin Electric EMENA:

More products will be added to FE Select shortly. The link will be displayed on the applicable product pages on the website. By clicking on this link you can easily start the selection process.
In addition to FE Select, we will continue to utilize our current Pump selector software for Etech products and
High Efficiency System Selection and Payback Tool until they will also be integrated into the new FE Select software at a later date. To visit our comprehensive Pump Selection page, click here.


Beyond the pumping systems
Discover more about our services and tools

Beyond PS_EN

EV-R type: vertical multistage pumps top/bottom ports


2022-07 EV-R Type EN_header

 EV-R type: vertical multistage pumps top/bottom ports

Franklin Electric is pleased to announce the introduction of the vertical multistage pump with overlapping ports.
This special version is based on a discharge port above the suction port with a new design of the outer casing and bottom casing.

The new EV-R type allows a 50 % reduction in footprint due to a different pipe positioning in parallel instead of in-line configuration.

EV Top bottom flanges



  • Discharge port above the suction port
  • Full Stainless steel AISI304 construction
  • Range from EV 6 up to EV 20
  • Pressure rating PN16



2022-07 Applications_EN 



2022-07 EV-R type_pump identification code_EN



2022-07 EV-R type_Available models 50 Hz_EN


2022-07 EV-R type_Available models 60 Hz_EN


For more information, please refer to the product catalog.

Maurizio De Angelis
Product manager

cooling sleeve kits for submersible motor pumps


2022 04 Social Media Cooling Sleeve Kits EN

Cooling sleeve kits for Franklin Electric submersible motor pumps

Franklin Electric is expanding its portfolio of accessories and now offers cooling sleeves for all Franklin Electric motors.

The heat loss generated by the submersible motor must be dissipated to the pumped medium by means of convection.

If the minimum cooling speed along the submersible motor cannot be guaranteed, it is mandatory to install a cooling sleeve to generate sufficient cooling. Inadequate cooling can have various causes, such as a well diameter that is too large, the application in “open” water, insufficient flow rate or water inflow from above (top feeding).

To provide cooling, the pump-motor unit is supplemented by a cooling sleeve. This separate „sheet metal jacket” is sealed above the pump inlet. The pumped medium is thus sucked in from below and directed past the motor to dissipate the generated motor heat loss (convection).

Cooling Sleeve 4 Inch

Appropriate brackets and inlet strainers are available for horizontal installation.

Kit components:

1              Cooling sleeve tube (Stainless steel)
2              Pump sealing ring (EPDM) with drinking water approval
3              Motor spacer
4              Pipe clamps
5              Filter strainer (accessories)
6              Console (accessory for horizontal mounting)

Parts Cooling Sleeve


Franklin Electric EV vertical multistage pumps now with ICIM certificate


2022-02 EV ICIM certificate_header_EN

Franklin Electric EV vertical multistage pumpsICIMnow with ICIM certificate

The ICIM certificate is now available for the whole range of
EV vertical multistage pumps, updated until 2026.


EV product overview_EN



Parts and materials_EN

Please do not hesitate to contact your Franklin Electric Sales contact for more information.

Product Management


VS 6"-8" submersible pumps drinking water certifications


Franklin Electric 6" and 8" submersible pumps now with drinking water approvals

Due to increased demand for drinking water approved submersible pumps, Franklin Electric introduced several changes to the 6" / 8" pumps series to ensure certification by the major European drinking water authorities.



The ICIM and ACS certificates are now available for the whole range of VS 6" and 8" submersible Stainless Steel pumps. The models involved are produced starting from 1/1/2022 (serial number 22A70-01-SSSS).


Main construction changes applied:

Submersible pumps_main changes_EN


Submersible pumps_parts and materials_EN

The updated technical and commercial literature will be available shortly.

Please do not hesitate to contact your Franklin Electric Sales contact for more information.

For more information about the products, please refer to the product page




Design change 6CT Motor Packaging


Optimizing of the packaging for the 6" encapsulated motors

To optimize the handling and shipment of the 6" encapsulated motors, we have optimized the packaging concept of the motors.

The motor packaging has been complemented with a single wooden pallet. This will change the height of the package by 136 mm. The width and length of the packaging are the same as before.

This improvement will facilitate the transport, handling and storage logistics of the motors, particularly in the case of heavy motor weights. 


Packaging design 

Motorpack 6CT

This is a running change since Q3/2021.

 Please do not hesitate to contact your Franklin Electric contact for additional information.