How vineyards are irrigated with cost-saving using the 4" Solar HES


2021 03 Vineyard Spain HES4 Solar EN

In Spain, a vineyard is irrigated using the 4" Solar High Efficiency System. The customer’s initial skepticism quickly turned into enthusiasm about the enormous cost savings and the excellent support during commissioning.


Solar system for irrigation

The 4" High Efficiency System was installed in a customer‘s vineyards in central Spain for irrigation. The system consists of the following components:

  • 4" Encapsulated permanent magnet Solar motor 3 kW, 220 V
  • 4" submersible pump VS4
  • Variable frequency drive DrivE-Tech 3.030 Solar MP
  • flow switch

 The system was connected to 2 x 9 PV panels of 275 watts each.


Cost reduction through the HES

The local Franklin distributor Likitech assisted the customer during selecting the right system and commissioning. The customer was initially skeptical about using Franklin Electric‘s High Efficiency System because he had been using a competitor‘s system. However, knowing the high quality of other Franklin products, he was finally convinced. Also the promise that Franklin Electric‘s Technical Service would provide remote support during the commissioning of the system and would also assist the customer with any future problems, made the customer trust in Franklin. Ultimately, he is thrilled with the results, as the system is operating even more efficiently and cost-saving than expected. Franklin Electric is setting new standards with its High Efficiency Systems (HES) up to 250 kW, achieving energy savings of up to 21% compared to systems with asynchronous motors.

While it is also the combination of perfectly matched components, the decisive factor in the energy savings is the highly efficient permanent magnet motor technology, which almost completely reduces rotor losses and thus significantly motor current and heat rise. In many cases, reduced motor current equals less drop cable cross sectional area further reducing overall installation cost.

And in the case of solar systems, the MPPT algorithm and integrated voltage boosting (up to 2.2 kW) ensure that the number of solar modules can be significantly reduced, as the system output is maximized accordingly.

 Motorwirkungsgrad HES EN