How orange trees are irrigated with the help of the Solar HES, controlled remotely


1200 X 630 Px Orange Tree Irrigation 4 Inch Solar HES MallorcaAn orange orchard on the island of Mallorca is reliably irrigated from a 90-meter-deep well using Franklin Electric’s High Efficiency Solar Well System. The system is installed and maintained remotely using the Franklin app.


Solar system for irrigation

A farm in Pui on the island of Mallorca, Spain, has chosen Franklin Electric‘s Solar High Efficiency System (HES) to irrigate an orange orchard with about 40 trees. The system is powered by six 330-watt solar panels. In combination with the HES, the approx. 2 kW solar field output delivers so much water that, in addition to irrigating the trees, the water requirements of a guest house are also met. Here, the pool is now also filled and the lawns irrigated.

Installed was a 1.1 kW Solar High Efficiency System with the following components:

  • 4" Encapsulated synchronous submersible Solar motor
  • 4" submersible pump VS4
  • Variable frequency drive DrivE-Tech MINI Solar MP
  • flow switch


Up to 21% energy savings

In times of rising energy costs, new systems put more and more emphasis on the best possible efficiency. Here, Franklin Electric has set a new benchmark with its High Efficiency Systems (HES) up to 250 kW. Compared to standard asynchronous motors, energy savings up to 20% have been achieved in numerous systems installed.

But how are these energy savings achieved?
It is the combination of perfectly matched components and their control: motor, pump, frequency drive and output filter. Most importantly, it is the submersible motor’s permanent magnet equipped rotor that eliminates rotor losses thus significantly reducing motor current and heat rise. In many cases, reduced motor current equals less drop cable cross sectional area further reducing overall installation cost. Excellent partial-load efficiency of permanent magnet motors allows the entire power range to be covered with only a few different motor sizes, thus offering important stock-keeping advantages.


Maintenance and control via app

A major advantage of the system is that it can be controlled remotely via the mobile app. The owners of the estate are only temporarily on the island, but can always monitor and control their pumping system themselves via the app.

Franklin Electric not only supports its customers in the run-up to an investment and helps them select the right system and associated components, but also stands by the customer‘s side during commissioning. Any problems that arise can also be analyzed and remedied remotely by Franklin engineers.

Thus, the commissioning of this system can also be done remotely. The local distributor Likitech and Franklin Electric service engineers guided the customer step-by-step through the installation of the drive and motor.