Environmental Policy

Health, Safety, and the Environment

Our business reaches communities around the world. We directly employ more than 5,000 people in our global locations, and touch the lives of millions of end-users of our products. We thoughtfully consider and continuously recognize the impact we make on the people of these communities and on the environment.

Our vision is to be an indispensable partner to our customers by consistently delivering products of the highest quality available in the market, providing training that reflects the importance of the safety of our customers and end-users and that protects the environment, and developing innovative products that deliver unparalleled performance and support sustainable energy sources.

Through our innovative product designs, we blend the product performance our customers demand with critical safety features and proven energy efficiency that results in lower total operation costs. We dedicate significant resources to research and development, focusing on improvements to the efficiency of our products.

Clean and readily available groundwater is vital to the health and well-being of much of the world’s population, and the success of our water systems business is inextricably linked to this necessity. Pollution of groundwater aquifers represents a clear danger to human health and the environment. We therefore do our part, by lowering our own environmental impact by mandating clean, sustainable manufacturing and distribution processes, and by designing products that themselves protect against environmental damage.

Franklin Electric declares with the attached documents its decision to mitigate the impact of own activities and services on the environment. By introducing and maintaining an environmental management system according to the international standard, the company management announces its following environmental policy:

Franklin Electric Environmental Management System

  • We comply with valid legislation and other environmental requirements.
  • We want to economically treat the raw materials and energy (compressed air, electricity and water)
  • We prevent waste generation, we consistently sorting, gathering in designated containers and prevent any possible leakage and consequent threat to the environment as much as possible.
  • We want to promote our employees’ and our partners` awareness of responsibility for a healthy environment
  • We pursue a policy of improving its environmental performance, minimizing, where technically possible and economically sustainable, any negative impact on the environment of its activities, its products and services for the prevention of pollution.
  • We identify, analyze and evaluate environmental risks and opportunities in order to remove or mitigate the former and exploit the latter.
  • We promote and maintain a relationship of maximum collaboration and transparency with the community, institutions and stakeholders both internal and external, with regard to all environmental issues and the significant environmental impacts generated.
  • We promote awareness raising, training and environmental training of its employees, collaborators, suppliers and contractors, in order to increase awareness of environmental issues and to involve them in order to actively participate in the improvement of the Environmental Management System.
  • We assess and monitor the impacts of the various phases of the production process on the environment.
  • We monitor emissions into the atmosphere and the production of waste deriving from production cycles, encouraging actions that allow a reduction.
  • We keep production facilities efficient to avoid any kind of waste.
  • We periodically check the efficiency of its environmental management system, together with the environmental policy.