The Cerus X-Drive is a variable frequency drive that offers an extensive range of amperage and configuration options, making it versatile enough for nearly any constant or variable torque application. Industry standard application settings are pre-configured for submersible or centrifugal pumps, supply or exhaust fans, cooling towers, vacuum pumps, and constant torque and permanent magnet motors. In addition, many input/output and control options are available for application specific features,
such as PID speed control, pressure control, temperature or level controls.

Product Info
Ordering / Performance
  • Configuration

    • Compatible with three-phase induction or permanent magnet motors
    • Extensive selection of models available
    • Easy setup with built-in application defaults
    • Many programmable Input/Output terminal options
    • Available in IP20 / 00 enclosure offerings

    Application-specific features

    • Many pump specific features such as constant pressure, flow, level control
    • Pump screen clean
    • Broken pipe detection
    • Dual demand controls
    • Automated scheduling
    • Multi-drive booster control


    • Integrated HAND-OFF-AUTO switch functionality
    • Integrated display with keypad control of all functions
    • Real-time fault logging with date and time stamps


    • PT100 motor temperature protection, Protection against short circuit, incorrect wiring, surges, underload, overload, drive overheat, undervoltage, overvoltage, phase loss, phase imbalance, output open phase, overpressure, sensor fault, etc.
    • Pump dry run
    • Locked rotor or pump
    • The X-Drive allows your motor to gradually ramp up and down, saving equipment from sudden, harsh rushes of current that can shorten its lifespan.


    • RS-485 communication (Modbus, BACnet) for remote control or monitoring
    • Bluetooth connectivity with Cerus X-Drive Mobile App
    • Communications for multi-drive operations up to 8 VFDs

    CERUS® X-Drive specification

    Mains ConnectionInput voltage3ph 380-460 V
    Input frequency50-60 Hz
    Displacement power factor (cosphi)> 0.98
    Motor controlsControl methodsV/F and SVC (Sensorless Vector Control)
    Control typePWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
    Frequency Setting ResolutionDigital Reference: 0.01 Hz (Below 100 Hz), 0.1 Hz (Over 100 Hz) Analog Reference: [Max. output frequency] x 0.03 / 60 Hz (±11 bit)
    Frequency AccuracyDigital: 0.01 % of Max. Output Frequency, Analog: 0.1 % of Max. Output Frequency
    V/F Control Curve12 preset V/F curves and four-point square curve
    Speed Control Ratio1:12 (50 Hz - 60 Hz) at 60 Hz maximum frequency
    Maximum Output Frequency380- 460VAC models: 599 Hz (90 kW and above: 400 Hz)
    Overload CapacityVariable torque: 120% of VFD rated current for 1 minute during every 5 minutes of operation
    Constant torque: 150% of VFD rated current for 1 minute during every 5 minutes of operation and 160 % for 3 seconds during every 25 seconds of operation
    OperationOperation MethodKeypad / Terminals / RS-485 BACnet or Modbus Communication / Optional Modbus TCP/IP & Ethernet IP Communi- cation
    Analog InputTwo analog inputs 0- 10 VDC/ 4- 20 mA and one AI 0-10 VDC. Digital: Keypad or Communication
    By Digital InputsStart SignalForward, Reverse and Jog (some features can start and stop VFD based on analog signal).
    Digital Input8 programmable digital inputs can be set to any selection from long list of functions
    Multi-StepUp to 17 speeds can be set including Jog by programmable digital inputs.
    JogJog operation with adjustable Jog frequency
    Fault ResetResets VFD faults via keypad, digital input or communication. Some critical faults can only be reset by cycling the VFD power.
    Safety InputsSCM and STO terminals for safety circuit wiring
    OutputsThree Multi-Function RelaysOne relay with Form C: 250VAC 3A/30VDC, 3A (resistive) 1.2A (inductive) contact, Two relays with Form A: 250VAC 1.2A/30VDC 3A (resistive) 1.2A (inductive), Each relay can be programmed to any selection from the functions list.
    Two Analog OutputsSelections: Output Frequency, Output Current, Output Voltage, Output kW, DC Link Voltage, AVI1, ACI, AVI2 AI signal level. Both outputs are 0-10VDC scalable from 10 to 200%.
    General Operation FunctionsDC Braking, Frequency Limit, Jump Frequencies, 2nd ACC/DEC, Auto Restart, Auto-Tuning, PID w/sleep, Flying Start, Speed Search, DC Braking, Slip Compensation, Motor Pre-heat, Temperature Foldback, Damper Control, Fireman’s Override, Shutdown, Power-on Delay, Run Delay, Minimum Run Timer, PM Motor and Auto-Tuning.
    Pump Operation Functions/ProtectionsSleep Mode with Pressure Boost, Pipe Fill, PID, Overpressure, ULD (Underload), HLD (High Load), Broken Pipe, Backspin Timer, MMC, Lubrication, Screen Clean, No-Flow Protection, Pump Prime Time
    ProtectionVFD Fault TripsOver Voltage, Low Voltage, Over Current, Overload, Short Circuit, Ground Fault, VFD Overheat, Input Phase Loss, Output Phase Open, CPU Communication Error, Signal Loss, Hardware Fault, etc.
    Motor temperature3-wire PT100 motor temperature protection
    Motor OverloadAdjustable electronic motor overload protection.
    Overcurrent380/400/440/460 VAC Variable Torque: At 200% of VFD rated current, 380/400/440/460 VAC Constant Tor- que: At 240% of VFD rated current, Current clamp: Variable Torque: 130- 135%, Constant Torque 170- 175% 575 VAC models: At 225% VFD rated current; Current clamp: Variable Torque: 128- 141%, Constant Torque: 170- 175%
    Overvoltage380-460 VAC models: At 820VDC DC bus voltage
    VFD OvertemperatureBuilt-in IGBT and Capacitor Bank temperature sensors
    VFD AlarmStall Prevention at ACC and DEC, Overload, Thermal Sensor Fault, Capacitors High Temperature, Signal Loss, Overpressure, Underload, High Load, etc.
    Keypad DisplayOperation InformationOutput Frequency, Output Current, Output Voltage, Frequency Reference, Operating Speed, DC Voltage, kWattmeter, Run-time, Last Trip Time, Pressure, etc.
    Fault historyProvides 6 fault records and logs 30 faults
  • Model no. codes

    CXD - 032A - 4V - K
    CXDProduct family: Cerus X-Drive series
    032AOutput Ampere ratings: 5 - 930 Amp
    4VInput voltage:
    2V = 200/230V
    4V = 460V >380-500V
    6V = 575V
    *2V and 6V models on request
    KKit: Drive incl. Bluetooth- Plug-in card

    Model number Cerus X-Drive

    drive model no.drive typeIPVIN [V]I out [A]dimensions [mm]weight [kg]Frame size
    CXD-013A-4V-KX-Drive 13A203x380-500131302501703A
    CXD-018A-4V-KX-Drive 18A203x380-500181302501703A
    CXD-024A-4V-KX-Drive 24A203x380-500241903201905.5B
    CXD-032A-4V-KX-Drive 32A203x380-500321903201905.5B
    CXD-038A-4V-KX-Drive 38A203x380-500381903201905.5B
    CXD-045A-4V-KX-Drive 45A203x380-5004525040021010C
    CXD-060A-4V-KX-Drive 60A203x380-5006025040021010C
    CXD-073A-4V-KX-Drive 73A203x380-5007325040021010C
    CXD-091A-4V-KX-Drive 91A203x380-5009128050061425527D0
    CXD-110A-4V-KX-Drive 110A203x380-50011028050061425527D0
    CXD-150A-4V-KX-Drive 150A203x380-50015033055068827540D
    CXD-180A-4V-KX-Drive 180A203x380-50018033055068827540D
    CXD-220A-4V-KX-Drive 220A203x380-50022037058971630065E
    CXD-260A-4V-KX-Drive 260A203x380-50026037058971630065E
    CXD-310A-4V-KX-Drive 310A203x380-50031042080094030087F
    CXD-370A-4V-KX-Drive 370A203x380-50037042080094030087F
    CXD-460A-4V-KX-Drive 460A203x380-50046050010001240397135G
    CXD-530A-4V-KX-Drive 530A203x380-50053050010001240397135G

    Accessories and replacement parts

    DescriptionModel no.
    Bluetooth- Plug-in card for Cerus X-Drive10000004840
    CERUS X-Drive Replacem. Key padCXD-KPD
    CERUS X-Drive Modbus TCP / Ethernet-cardCMC-EIP01