Variable Frequency Solar Drive DrivE-Tech COMPACT

Specific Drive-Tech, Drive-Tech MINI and Drive-Tech COMPACT variable frequency drives are available for use in solar powered water pumping applications. These drive models can be directly supplied by a VDC solar array without the need of additional equipment and offer the same features as AC grid supplied models. An advanced MPPT algorithm offers best performance during times with less sunlight available, increases water output and ensures a reliable and steady pump operation.

Product Info
Ordering / Performance
  • Configuration

    • Compatible with three-phase induction or permanent magnet motors
    • Available in 1~230V IN / 3~230V OUT or 3~400V IN / 3~400V OUT
    • Optional integrated plug-in output filter card
    • Low harmonic drive design to meet EN61000-3-12
    • Integrated Input filter for use in first environment C1 EN61800-3
    • Easy setup with multi level user access and presets
    • Programmable Input/Output terminal options
    • Outdoor rated IP66 enclosure for use in harsh environments
    • Direct wall mount and surface pump mounting

    Specific Drive-Tech COMPACT Solar features

    • Optional available integrated Plug-In output filter card for extensive motor cable length
    • Integrated multi row OLED display showing alarms, pump speed, set point and more

    Application-specific features

    • Pump specific features including: constant water pressure, flow, level control
    • Multi pump mode
    • Alternating pumps
    • Constant speed mode with 2 setpoints


    • Integrated digital display and user interface with full control of drive settings
    • Fully controllable through Unyconnect mobile app
    • Real-time fault logging with date and time stamps
    • MPPT control for PV-panel powered solar pumping applications
    • Multi power operation allows to use AC and DC supply voltage


    • Protection against short circuit, surges, underload, overload, drive overheat, undervoltage, overvoltage, phase loss, phase imbalance, overpressure, sensor fault, etc.


    • RS-485 Communications (Modbus) multi pump operation, remote control and monitoring
    • Bluetooth connectivity with Unyconnect mobile app
    • Bridge mode using 2 smartphones and GSM/Wifi connection for permanent remote control
    • Communications for multi-drive operations up to 8 VFDs

    DrivE-Tech MINI / DrivE-Tech COMPACT Specification

    Mains ConnectionInput voltage1ph 220-240 V; 3ph 380-460 V
    Input frequency50-60 Hz (+/- 2%)
    Displacement power factor (cosphi) near unity> 0.98
    Motor controlsControl methodsV/F and SVC (Sensorless Vector Control)
    Control typePWM (pulse width modulation)
    Frequency Setting ResolutionDigital Reference: 0.01 Hz
    Frequency AccuracyDigital: 0.01 % of Max. Output Frequency
    V/F Control CurveAdjustable V/F curve
    Maximum Output Frequency1ph 220-240 V models: 300 Hz; 3ph 380- 460VAC models: 300 Hz
    Overload Capacity110% of VFD rated current for 1 minute during every 5 minutes of operation
    ProtectionOperation MethodKeypad / Terminals / RS-485 Modbus Communication / Bluetooth Mobile App control
    Analog Input4 Analog Inputs (2x 0- 10VDC) (2x 4- 20mA)
    By Digital InputsStart SignalForward, Reverse
    Stop SignalMotor ramp down
    Digital Input4 programmable digital inputs (Normally Open / Normally Closed), motor run, motor stop
    Fault ResetResets VFD faults via keypad, digital input or communication. Some critical faults can only be reset by cycling the VFD power.
    Outputs2x Multi-Function Outputs2 programmable digital outputs (NO, NC), motor run signal, alarm signal
    RS 485 Serial PortOutput Frequency, Output Current, Output Voltage, Output kW, DC Link Voltage
    General Operation FunctionsFrequency Limit, Jump Frequencies, 2nd ACC/DEC, Auto Restart, Auto-Tuning, PID w/sleep, Temperature Foldback, Run Delay, Minimum Run Timer, PM Motor Control and Auto-Tuning
    Pump Operation Functions/ProtectionsSleep Mode, Pipe Fill, PID, Overpressure, Dry Run (Underload), HLD (High Load), Broken Pipe, No-Flow Protection
    VFD Fault TripsOver Voltage, Low Voltage, Over Current, Overload, Short Circuit, Ground Fault, VFD Overheat, Input Phase Loss, Signal Loss, Hardware Fault, etc.
    Motor OverloadAdjustable electronic motor overload protection
    Motor temperature3-wire PT100 motor temperature protection (on request)
    Overcurrent220-240 VAC variable torque: at 110% of VFD rated current 380-460 VAC variable torque: at 110% of VFD rated current
    Overvoltage380-460 VAC models: at 820VDC DC bus voltage
    OvertemperatureBuilt-in IGBT and capacitor bank temperature sensors
    VFD AlarmStall Prevention at ACC and DEC, Overload, Thermal Sensor Fault, Capacitors High Temperature, Signal Loss, Overpressure, Underload, High Load, etc.
    Keypad DisplayOperation InformationOutput Frequency, Output Current, Output Voltage, Frequency Reference, Operating Speed, DC Voltage, kWattmeter, Run-time, Last Trip Time, Pressure, etc.
    FaultProvides 6 fault records and logs 30 faults
    Environ- mentOperating Temperature-10 °C ~ 40 °C (14 °F ~ 104 °F)
    Storage temperature-10 °C ~ 60 °C (14 °F ~ 140 °F)
    Ambient Humidityup to 95 % RH. (non-condensing)
    AltitudeNormal up to (1000 m), -1% derating every 100 m
    Vibration and ImpactComplies with EN 60068-2-6:2008 and EN60068-2-27:2009 and EN60068-2-64:2008
    Enclosure RatingsIP66
    Max. Input efficiency (>=X%)Drive modelDrivE-Tech MINIDrivE-Tech COMPACT
    Input voltage220-240 AC9595
    380-460 VAC9697
    CE Low VoltageEN6100-5-1
    CE EMCEN61800-3, EN61000-3-12, IEC61000-4-2, IEC61000-4-3, IEC61000-4-4, IEC61000-4-5, IEC61000-4-6, IEC61000-4-8, IEC61000-6-2, IEC61000-6-4
    OtherC-Tick, ROHS
  • Model number DrivE-Tech COMPACT

    Drive PNdrive typeIPVACIN [V]Max VDCIN [V]I out [A]dimensions [mm]weight [kg]
    314000210DT COMPACT Solar 2.022 MP 9,5A661x220-2406509.5248 x 337 x 19010
    314000211DT COMPACT Solar 2.030 MP 12,5A661x220-24065012.5248 x 337 x 19010
    314000212DT COMPACT Solar 2.040 MP 18,5A661x220-24065018.5248 x 337 x 19010
    002150141DT COMPACT Solar 4.055 MP 14A663x380-46085014248 x 337 x 19010
    002150181DT COMPACT Solar 4.075 MP 18A663x380-46085018248 x 337 x 19010
    002150251DT COMPACT Solar 4.110 MP 25A663x380-46085025248 x 337 x 19010
    002150301DT COMPACT Solar 4.150 MP 30A663x380-46085030248 x 337 x 19010
    002150381DT COMPACT Solar 4.185 MP 38A663x380-46085038248 x 337 x 19010
    002150441DT COMPACT Solar 4.220 MP 44A663x380-46085044248 x 337 x 19010
    314000161DT COMPACT Solar 3.030 MP 14A663x380-46085014260 x 260 x 1809