SubTronic 3-Phase

SubTronic 3-Phase

The SubTronic3P® range covers all 4" 3-phase motors from 0.37 kW to 7.5 kW. Ergonomic design, attention to detail and unique features make the SubTronic3P® range your first choice when considering submersible motor protection and management. Together with Franklin Electric submersible motors you have an undisputable advantage, resulting in ease of installation, sophisticated system management and peace of mind.

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  • Specifications

    • The SubTronic3P® range of control boxes has been designed as drop-in replacements for conventional 3-phase motor control boxes. As such, it will work with standard pressure/flow switches adding intelligence & protection to the borehole water system
    • You get a complete package - the control box is 100 % compatible with Franklin Electric submersible motors, especially when you need protection and management of your borehole installation
    • It‘s all in a name – now you have complete reliability and intelligence in your borehole, backed by the leader in submersible motors

    Ergonomically Designed:

    • Mounting: easy wall mounting offering various options without destroying the protection rating of the enclosure
    • Wiring: reliable connectors are provided for ease of wiring

    Motor Compatible Design:

    • Matching range: the SubTronic3P® Protector range was designed to match the Franklin Electric range of 3 phase motors
    • Wide range of operation: compatibility with motor design allows for a wide range of operation resulting in minimized nuisance tripping

    Intelligent Protection and Management Features:

    • Dry-run detection (without probes): prevents motor and pump damage due to running the pump without water based on a proprietary reliable detection method
    • Dry-run auto- reset: automatic dry-run reset time is based on a proprietary search algorithm to find the best operating point for weak wells. Reset time in max. 60 minutes
    • Over & under voltage: prevents motor damage that may be caused by abnormal voltage conditions without limiting the range of operation, made possible by matching the design of the SubTronic3P® Protector with the motor. Reset time approximately 3 minutes
    • Over current protection: prevents operation under conditions where motor current may exceed safe levels due to bound pump or other fault condition. Detection is based on current heating capacity measurement to prevent unnecessary nuisance tripping. Auto-reset in 15 minutes. Manual reset possible in approximately 5 minutes by reapplying power
    • Rapid cycle protection: prevents system damage due to factors such as continuous rapid cycling and excessive motor thermal cycling caused by waterlogged tank, faulty contacts or faulty pressure switch. Auto-reset in 5 minutes if condition clears. Manual reset possible in approximately 5 minutes by reapplying power


    • Status: indication shows normal operation or other condition
    • Voltage: faulty voltage condition is indicated
    • Fault conditions: dry-run, over Current, rapid cycling, overvoltage and undervoltage are indicated
  • SubTronic3P® Submersible Motor Control Starter Mechanical Specifications:

    Mechanical Specification
    Protection levelIP 54
    EnvironmentThis equipment is suitable for environment
    B according to IEC/EN 61439 - 1 : 2010
    Altitudemax 2000 m above sea level
    External dimensions190x184x106 mm <= 4 kW
    250x256x140 mm >= 5.5 kW
    Weight1.2 kg <= 4 kW
    2.3 kg >= 7.5 kW
    MountingWall mounting (mounting hardware provided)
    Storage temperature-25 °C to 55 °C
    Operation temperature-5 °C to 40 °C
    Humidity50 % at 40 °C (without condensation)

    SubTronic3P® Submersible Motor Control Starter Electrical Specifications:

    Electrical Specifications
    Working voltage3~ / 50 Hz
    380 - 415 V / -10 % 6 %
    Voltage tolerance380 V -10 % / 415 V 6 %
    Rated insulation voltage400 Vac
    Rated short-time50 kA
    withstand current
    Rated conditional50 kA
    short-circuit current
    Current5A, 9A, 16 A
    Power0.37 kW - 7.5 kW
    StandardsIEC/EN 61439 - 1 : 2010

    SubTronic3P® 3-Phase Submersible Motor Starter Specifications:

    Motor Rating
    Type 3~ 400 V 50 HzModel
    Nom. Current
    Starting Current
    0.37ST037P3288 500 35111.15.4
    0.55ST055P3288 501 35111.67.4
    0.75ST075P3288 502 3511210.6
    1.1ST110P3288 503 35112.816
    1.5ST150P3288 504 35113.920.7
    2.2ST220P3288 505 35115.529.8
    3ST300P3288 506 35117.542
    3.7ST370P3288 507 3511952.3
    4ST400P3288 508 35119.957
    5.5ST550P3288 509 351112.677.2
    7.5ST750P3288 510 351117.199.3