Material improvement of 6" and 8" Stainless steel submersible pumps


800 X 420 Px Submersible Pumps Drinking Water Approvals EN

Due to increased demand for drinking water certified submersible pumps, Franklin Electric introduces several changes to the 6" / 8" pump series to ensure certification by major European drinking water authorities.

All changes listed below will be effective in production starting from July 2021. The part numbers of the pumps will not change. 

Materials approved for drinking water applications:


All rubber parts will be changed to drinking water approved materials. The rubber material of the O-rings and bearing bushings will be changed from NBR/HNBR to EPDM. This enables the rubber compounds to be approved for DM174, WRAS, UBA, ACS and NSF certificates.

The EPDM material has a hardness comparable to NBR/HNBR and allows a maximum working temperature of + 90 °C for all material pump variants. The material NBR with a maximum pump operating temperature of + 60 °C is still available on request.


The material of the upper journal sleeve bushings changes from ceramic-coated stainless steel (with chromium content) or Tungsten Carbide (Widia) to Aluminum Oxide. The intermediate journal sleeve is also changed from Tungsten Carbide to Aluminum Oxide. Tests in our laboratories have shown that the mechanical performance requirements of the new sleeve are guaranteed and that it is comparable to the two current options.

Alumina guarantees good thermal stability and excellent corrosion resistance, both in acid and alkaline environments. In addition, the material offers good oxidation resistance, very good hardness and excellent wear resistance.


Improved mechanical features


For the radial models, the material of the wear rings is changed from PTFE to PPS. The new type of wear ring is 100% compatible with the current diffusers. In addition, the PPS component is less affectable to temperature variations and has better dimensional tolerance than PTFE. These properties have been confirmed by laboratory tests since 2016, as this material has already been successfully integrated in other products.




Table EN

Please do not hesitate to contact your Franklin Electric Sales contact for more information.

New EV vertical multistage pumps ordering information


Franklin Electric EV Vertical multistage pumps - New design ordering informationEV NEW

Last week Franklin Electric introduced the new design of vertical multistage pumps with further improved robustness and reliability and simplified handling thanks to the new removable cartridge mechanical seal.

Here we will provide further important ordering information that will help you to choose the right pump for your application.

Orders of new models possible from 17 May

The pumps can be ordered from 17 May 2021. Your Franklin Electric sales assistant will return an order confirmation with the new part numbers and pricing.

EV nameplateNew part numbers (D)

The new models will have a new part number that can be easily identified in the attached document that cross-references new and old models.


New pump identification codes (A)

 Enclosed in the same document, you can find the new legend for easy pump identification of the pump models with explanation of each term.


Changes in motor size

In order to optimize the performance of the pumps, the motor sizes have been changed on some models.

You will find this information in the cross-reference tables.


For more information about the products, please consult the catalog on our website

New EV vertical multistage pumps


Franklin Electric EV Vertical multistage pumps with new design

Franklin Electric presents an improved design of its vertical multistage pumps. Robustness and reliability have been further improved with new components. In addition, the new design features simplified handling thanks to the new cartridge mechanical seal and reduced noise emissions, making the pump the ideal solution for any pressure boosting application.

In terms of continuous improvement, Franklin Electric engineers have made changes to the design and components to further optimize features:

High performance Pressure-boosting for flows up to 115 m³/h (50 Hz), 140 m³/h (60 Hz)EV group new

The pump is available in 10 models with different flow rates and heads. All pumps are WRAS and ACS certified and compatible with commercially available motors.

Reliability and robustness
All wetted parts of the multistage pumps are made of stainless steel. This makes the pump enormously robust and reliable. The new cartridge mechanical seal also increases the strength and reliability of the pump.

Reduced noise emission
The noise emission of the new EV series has been greatly reduced. This makes the pump a silent partner in your daily life in many different applications.

Simple and fast maintenance thanks to removable cartridge mechanical sealCartdridge mech seal

The new mechanical seal also allows the maintenance time of the system to be significantly reduced, as it can be completely replaced. For motors of 5.5 kW and above, it is not even necessary to remove the motor to replace the mechanical seal.
For motors up to 4 kW, the improved design eliminates the need for a thrust bearing. This also allows the pump to be combined with commercially available motors.
Last but not least, a single spare parts code for the mechanical seal ensures simplified stock-keeping.

Easy installation in-line ports

The EV series is available with different pressure and suction connections:

  • Oval flange
  • Round flange
  • Victaulic connection
  • Clamp connection

EV connections options

Technical data

  • Flow rates up to 115 m³/h (50 Hz) / 140 m³/h (60 Hz)
  • Maximum head up to 320 m (50 Hz) / 282 m (60 Hz)
  • Fluid temperature range: from -15 °C to +120 °C
  • Drinking water approvals
  • Mechanical seal type E1 = graphite / silicon carbide / EPDM (EN 12756 ex DIN 24960S)
  • Mechanical seal type (balanced) = graphite / silicon carbide / EPDM (models 30-45-65-95)
  • Motor: AEG Lafert up to 45 kW standard

For ordering information and more options please refer to the product catalog.

EM Series WRAS certification


Franklin Electric EM Series now with extended WRAS certificate!

WRASThe WRAS certificate for the EM series is now available for the complete range and updated until 2025.
The WRAS versions are available only on request.



 EM overview


  • Pumping of clear non-loaded fluids
  • Compact close-coupled design, robust and corrosion resistant
  • Superior efficiency and performance
  • Floating neck ring in PPS
  • Heavy duty oversize motor shaft
  • Impellers and diffusers in Stainless Steel for Maximum durability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Strong and leak-proof motor ball bearing fitted in the motor


  • Models: EM 3-5-9
  • Flow: up to 14 m³/h (50 Hz) / 17 m³/h (60 Hz)
  • Head: up to 104 m (50 and 60 Hz)
  • Discharge and suction port: Threaded or oval connections
  • Max. working pressure: 12 Bar
  • Max. ambient temperature: 40 °C
  • Liquid temperature range:
    • Min. - 15 °C;
    • Max.: + 90 °C for domestic use (uses covered by CEI EN Standard 60335-2-41), + 110 °C only for industrial use (uses other than those covered by CEI EN Standard 60335-2-41)
  • Mechanical seal standard Type E0 = Carbon / Ceramic / EPDM
  • Mechanical seal WRAS Type E1 = Carbon / Silicon carbide / EPDM
  • Motors
    • Single-phase
    • Three-phase motors efficiency class IE3
    • Asynchronous, TEFC (Totally enclosed, fan-cooled)
    • 2 pole
    • Protection: IP55, Insulation class F

For ordering information and more options please refer to the product catalog, available on

Merger of Franklin Electric and Coverco


Merger of Franklin Electric and Coverco

We are pleased to inform you that the companies Franklin Electric S.r.l. and Coverco S.r.l. will merge in the future, effective April 1st 2021. The activities of the Franklin Electric Group in Italy will henceforth be combined. The resulting company will keep its current address and VAT registration as follows: Franklin Electric S.r.l., Via Asolo, 7, Dueville (VI), Italy, VAT: (IT) 00558130241. The location in Motta di Livenza (TV), Via Magnadola 29, former Coverco S.r.l., will remain as the Distribution Center South of the Franklin Electric Group.

This is another step for Franklin Electric EMENA to be a reliable full-service provider and partner for its customers in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.


The Coverco product brand and its proven products will remain unchanged. 

Back in 2002, Coverco became part of the global Franklin Electric family and has since completed the product portfolio with 4" and 6" rewindable oil-filled motors which are recognized in the market for their robustness and reliability. High efficiency and long durability ensure low operating costs on the long-term. The rewindable feature is ensured by a design that allows the motors to be disassembled and reassembled. The motors are available from 0.37 up to 30 kW as single and three phase versions. Coverco control boxes will also continue to be available to assist operations of the submersible motors while protecting them from environmental agents.


Distribution Center South in Motta di Livenza

In recent years, the Motta di Livenza site has served as a logistics location while products were manufactured in Brno/Czech Republic. In 2020, the logistics activities have been expanded and consolidated in Motta di Livenza for the Italian locations. By concentrating all materials for Southern Europe in the new Logistic Distribution Center South, the availability of the inventory and the storage capacity has been further increased.

 2021 02 Franklin Locations

Design upgrade of the 4" Super Stainless motor


More than 75 years after the establishment of Franklin Electric, we continue to manufacture and distribute improved versions of this unrivaled motor design all around the world, and have expanded our expertise to create innovative solutions, including pumps, electronics, and adjacent products, addressing modern industry challenges and serving our customers’ needs.

The New 4" Super Stainless motor has undergone an upgrade to further improve it and adapt it to market conditions. The changes are effective immediately.

1. Cable with round plug with jam nut in the conventional proven design

New Design 1 EN

2. Cable compression with jam nut with extended screw sleeve for better handling

New Design 2 EN

3. Stator with solid 304SS end ring for better corrosion resistance and robustness

New Design 3 EN



  • 4" NEMA mounting design with metric studs
  • Stainless steel splined shaft
  • Stator shell in 316SS
  • Factory filled motor with Franklin’s non-toxic water soluble fill solution
  • Liquid lubricated radial bearings and High capacity Kingsbury type thrust bearing for 100 % maintenance free operation
  • Field replaceable lead using Franklin’s exclusive Water Bloc technology with extended jam nut in Stainless steel
  • High efficiency electrical design for low operation costs
  • Drinking water approvals
  • Suitable for use in water with increased salinity
  • Electrical Designs: 1 ~ PSC / 2-wire 1~ / 3-wire 1~ / 3~



  • Ratings: 0.25 – 3.0 kW
  • Frequency: 50 Hz (PSC, 2- wire, 3- wire & 3~); 60 Hz (3- wire & 3~)
  • Thrust load: 4 kN
  • Nominal ambient temperature: 30 °C with 0.08 m/s cooling flow
  • Voltage tolerance: -10 % / +6 % (50 Hz), +/- 10% (60 Hz)
  • Protection IP68, insulation class B
  • Frequency of starts: 20 starts/ hour (with min. 3 minutes resting time)
  • All motors with factory installed leads (1.50 m / 2.50 m) Special lead length up to 50 m,
  • Vertical and horizontal operation, shaft upwards
  • Rotation counter clock wise facing shaft end (1 phase motors CW upon request, 3 phase motors rotation reversible)


For ordering information and more options please refer to the product catalog.

10" High Efficiency System up to 250 kW


2020 12 HES10 EN

Franklin Electric is pleased to announce the extension of the High Efficiency Systems up to 250 kW.

The complete package consisting of variable frequency drive, 10" permanent magnet synchronous motor and output filter offers a compact system solution to meet your water pumping requirements.  Well-chosen and perfectly matching components guarantee first-class efficiency and energy saving of up to 7%. The 10" High Efficiency System can be used in either grid or solar applications which makes it a unique and flexible all-in-one solution.


  • Up to 7 % improved motor efficiency
  • Excellent partial load behavior (SKU reduction)
  • One-stop shop and perfectly matching components guarantee first-class performance/efficiency


  • Incorporated Soft start and protection features (no additional investment)
  • Speed control (Optimum aggregate operation - pump matches system any time)


  • Easy system commissioning due to integrated start-up wizard with tailored pre settings.
  • Fully supported by the Technical Support Professionals and Field Service Engineers


  • Motor ratings:  200 & 250 kW (100 Hz - 3000 rpm) / 315 & 390 HP (120 Hz – 3600 rpm)
  • System Power Supply: 400 V / 460 V ± 10 %
  • Frequency: 50 Hz - 60 Hz ± 2 %
  • Nominal ambient temperature: motor: 30 °C, electronics: 50 °C (> 40 °C with derating)
  • Vertical operation; horizontal operation for 200 kW
  • Protection: motor: IP68, insulation class Y; drive: IP00; filter: IP00


  • 10" rewindable synchronous motor in WW (Stainless Steel shell and powder coated motor brackets)
  • Variable frequency drive
  • Matching output filter
  • Flow switch (Solar systems)
  • Matching submersible pumps available (separately)


  • Best-class performance / efficiency, less pv-panels, more water respectively
  • Solar drive available in IP00 enclosure rating
  • AC and DC power source compatible
  • MVPT algorithm maximizes system performance


  • Special Voltages
  • IP54 Electronics
  • Further materials: 316SS, 904L
  • Solar version

4Gxx HighTemp drop cable for geothermal applications Now with enhanced features!


Geothermal Drop Cable EN

As a result of our continuous improvement process at Franklin Electric, we introduce the next generation of HighTemp extension cable with up to 40 % higher current carrying capacity at 90 °C ambient temperature.

 The product is immediately available. The price doesn’t change.


  • The rubber-sheathed cables are intended for the connection of electrical equipment in geothermal hot water applications, base EPR (not suitable for explosion-hazard areas)
  • For protected, fixed installations within equipment, pipes or wells connections, these cables may be operated with an AC voltage to U0/U=600V/1000V.
  • Standard based on EN 50525-2-21
  • Min. bending radius: min. 3x ODmax fix installation, 4x ODmax flex installation
  • Max. operating temperature of the conductor: 130 °C
  • Max. permissible water temperature: 110 °C

 Table High Temp Drop Cable EN

Please do not hesitate to contact your Franklin Electric Sales contact or Field Service Engineer for additional information.

APCP-1700 Series - Little Giant Pool Cover pumps


Little Giant Pool Cover Pumps EN

APCP-1700 Series - Little Giant Pool Cover pumps

Franklin Electric is pleased to introduce Little Giant Pool Cover pumps. APCP-1700 Series pumps help safeguard and protect the pool cover from prolonged accumulation of rain or melting snow.


  • Removable intake screen for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Built-in handle for portability and ease of placement and removal
  • Integrated float switch for automatic operation
  • Side discharge for optimal water removal
  • Weighted to attract water to the pump


  • Head: up to 6.5 m / Flow: up to 108 l/min
  • Start/Stop automatic: Start 6.3 cm (2" 1/2) / Stop: 2.5 cm (1")
  • Protection degree: IP68


  • 10 m cable with Shuko plug
  • 3/4" garden hose connection


Please do not hesitate to contact your Franklin Electric Sales contact or Field Service Engineer for additional information.

New Franklin Electric Srl Logistic HUB in Motta di Livenza


To continuously improve the logistic processes, Franklin Electric has built up a new, modern logistics center for material stocks and shipments in Motta di Livenza/Italy (Coverco plant). By concentrating all materials in the new Logistic HUB, the logistics processes are even more efficient, the availability of the inventory has been further increased and the consolidation of shipments of all products are possible now.


  • MORE CAPACITY: The total storage space is three times larger and the storage capacity for pallets is four times larger in the new Logistic HUB.
  • MORE LOADING DOCKS: Faster and more flexible handling due to four loading docks
  • MORE SERVICE: A dedicated shipment department takes care of all logistic aspects including customs operations and clearance.
  • MORE SPACE: Optimized architecture for goods movements with forklift trucks
  • MORE STAFF: Specialized warehouse staff


Address: Via Magnadola, 29, 31045 Motta di Livenza (TV) – Italy

The warehouse is located close to the main highway networks of North-East of Italy, well connected with the bigger logistic junctions. It is reachable from Venice and Padua in less than one hour, only 8 minutes from the Cessalto highway exit.