How the EV and EH DTm booster sets ensure water supply at the historic Thruxton race track


2022 02 Evpluseh Thruxton Race Court

The historic Thruxton race track located in the south of the UK has been equipped with new water boosting sets powered by Franklin Electric, high quality pumps and smart controls offer a reliable solution with efficiencies in mind.

Increased requirements on pressure and flow

As the Thruxton racecourse site has grown over the years, the owners found that the water system struggled to maintain required flow and pressure.

Henry Gill of HG Water was therefore approached to design a new booster system for the historic racecourse‘s water supply that could keep up with the increased water demand.

The complete water booster packages were supplied by KGN Pillinger, a British water booster manufacturer. Richard Sharp (Business Development Manager) says that when it came to selecting the components, it was quickly clear that Franklin Electric‘s E-Tech product would be chosen, as the quality and competitive price of the Franklin Electric installation allowed KGN to build high quality equipment within the customer‘s budget.


Booster systems supply the racetrack

The installation is based on a booster set made by two vertical multistage EV10 pumps, each one equipped with DrivE-Tech 2.030 frequency converters, coupled in parallel via manifolds, shut-off valves and check valves. The DrivE-Tech frequency converters modulate the operating frequency in order to maintain a constant set value.

The system is complemented by an EH Dtm multistage horizontal pump, consisting of an EH 5/5T6 pump and the DrivE-Tech MINI integrated frequency converter.

Overall, the project includes new storage tanks, kiosks and booster pumps, as well as the variable-speed controls to feed the different areas of the site. The old piping was re-routed to the new kiosks, and thanks to the additional storage tank, sufficient water can now be distributed even during peak periods.


> The vertical multistage pumps from Franklin Electric offer high levels of efficiencies within a robust design and when used with the DrivE-Tech variable speed controls the increased demands can now be met. <  (Henry Gill of HG Water)


For more information about the products, please refer to the product sites or the attached pdf.