How the EH Dtm booster system controls flow and pressure on a poultry farm


1200 X 630 Px Poultry Farm UK EN

A poultry farm in England implements Franklin Electric’s EH Dtm multistage horizontal pump to reliably control and incrementally increase low flow and pressure to best suit the drinking water needs of young birds.

Control of flow and pressure

When raising chicks, it is enormously important to provide the animals with as much fresh water as they need, and this varies enormously as the animals grow. The biggest challenge here, especially during the growth period from two-day-old chicks to 34-day maturity, is controlling the flow of potable water to the production units. The pumps are typically installed in large on-site water storage tanks, from where the water is routed through the necessary filtration systems and drinking lines to the animals.

At the same time, the requirements for the new system were very high. Initially, the young animals require only very small, slow amounts of water, but the demand gradually increases, so the system had to be able to gradually increase the flow and pressure. As more and more emphasis is being placed on the energy balance of the systems when making new purchases, the new systems not only had to meet the high demands, but also be optimized in terms of energy by reducing energy consumption and increasing the efficiency of the system.

Pressure boosting system with 24/7 monitoring

Agri Management Solutions (AMS) in Hereford, England, provides water and irrigation services to poultry farmers. Working with Franklin Electric and its strategic partner Geoquip Water Solutions, the company‘s exacting requirements were met in full by installing a state-of-the-art booster system from Franklin Electric.

The EH Series multistage booster pumps are designed to meet all pressure boosting requirements. The stainless steel construction provides high performance in a variety of applications. The EH Series is offered in five flow rates and various power sizes (single-phase or three-phase) for a wide variety of applications.

The EH Series multistage vertical pumps are combined with the new Drive-Tech MINI inverter to increase the energy savings potential of these pumping systems. The Drive-Tech MINI uses innovative technology that ideally combines efficiency, ease of use, innovation and safety. In addition, the inverter enables 24/7 monitoring and control, which can even be done remotely via Bluetooth if desired.

Efficiencies increased, costs reduced

Ellis Whittal-Williams of AMS has worked with Franklin Electric and its strategic partner Geoquip Water Solutions and is thrilled. He says the units are completely reliable and also save a tremendous amount of money. Field reports show that the system saves an average of 40% energy compared to conventional speed control systems.

>> It is important to have a system that can handle a demand for very small, slow amounts of water when the birds are very young and allow them to gradually increase flow and pressure as the demand increases.  When the sun comes up and the birds wake up, the demand for water is higher. With the Drive-Tech MINI, we can run the pump constantly instead of stopping and starting it several times an hour. The pressure remains constant, resulting in smoother operation with less wear and tear and higher energy efficiency. <<

(Ellis Whittal-Williams from AMS)


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