Energy savings through PM technology in pivot irrigation systems


2023 07 Tecnopompe EN

In Italy, three well systems were equipped with permanent magnet motors to achieve long-term energy savings. 

For two pivot irrigation systems, G.N. Tecnopompe from Castel Mella / Lombardy Italy installed three pumping systems with permanent magnet motors. The pump systems feed pivot irrigation systems which were set up to reduce water consumption as much as possible in order to counteract the climatic and structural problems related to energy and water consumption. Especially in Italy, the importance of this issue is constantly growing. Therefore, it was all the more important for the customer to focus on energy efficiency and sustainability also in the selection of the pumping system.

In addition to drilling the three wells, G.N. Tecnopompe also took care of the complete installation and setup of the system.

To create an energy-efficient, sustainable solution, the decision was made to use Franklin Electric permanent magnet motors, which are characterised by very high efficiencies.

By using Franklin Electric‘s 37 kW permanent magnet motors in combination with powerful pumps, savings of at least 7 kW can be achieved at full power.

It quickly became apparent that high savings could be achieved when using a coordinated system with permanent magnet motor and frequency converter.

Both the energy consumption and the water consumption could be reduced considerably. Due to the savings achieved, a considerable part of the investment can already be amortised in the procurement year.

Applications at a glance:

  • Franklin Electric 6" Permanent magnet motor
  • submersible pump
  • DrivE-Tech Variable Frequency converter

Energy savings through permanent magnet technology

In all industrial sectors and markets, energy consumption is becoming a decisive criterion when selecting new systems and modernising existing ones. When pumping water from boreholes or tanks, this is also becoming one of the most important aspects along with optimal dimensioning and the reliability and quality of the system. Since the energy consumption of a pump system accounts for up to 90 % of the total life cycle costs, the operating costs can be reduced considerably.

Franklin Electric has developed the High Efficiency Pump System, which enables energy savings of up to 21 %. The key factor for energy savings and superior efficiency is the permanent magnet technology of the motor. Instead of a short-circuit induction type rotor, the high efficiency motor contains a permanent magnet rotor design with buried magnets with significantly improved efficiency and overall lower energy consumption compared to a standard induction motor. The Permanent Magnet Motor design eliminates electrical rotor losses resulting in lower motor amps, improved partial load behavior and reduced temperature heat rise.

Franklin Electric offers permanent magnet motors in a package with ideally matched components to further optimise efficiency and energy savings. This so-called High Efficiency System includes the PM motor, a submersible pump, a frequency converter and additional components such as a suitable output filter and, if necessary, a flow switch.

Numerous installations worldwide impressively demonstrate the success of this system, where great savings could be achieved. In most cases, the system pays for itself in less than 2 years.

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