Why EH / EV pumps are ideal for increasing water pressure in irrigation systems


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Approx. 30 multistage pumps of the EH (horizontal) and EV (vertical) series have been installed in various irrigation systems in Veneto (Italy) for pressure delivery in the distribution of water-fertiliser mixtures in distribution channels.


Requirements for irrigation systems constantly increasing

In cooperation with Irrigazione Gastaldelli, who organises the installation of irrigation systems, Franklin Electric
supplied about 30 multistage pumps to 10 local agri-food companies in Rovigo, Verona, Padua and Ferrara. Both for fruit growing (pears and blueberries) and for vegetable cultivation in greenhouses and in the ground, the ideal
suitability of Franklin Electric’s pump systems was demonstrated.

Fertiliser irrigation technology is becoming increasingly common in agriculture as it maximises the management of raw materials such as water and water-soluble fertilisers, and reduces the risks associated with water shortages. Advanced technologies can optimise the fertiliser irrigation process enormously. However, this requires high precision in dosing and scheduling of the system to distribute the necessary nutrients to the plants in a targeted manner.

The advantages of fertiliser irrigation lie in the reduced manpower requirements due to the automated processes,
in the reduced impact on the soil due to tillage without use of agricultural equipments and in the better distribution of the fertiliser. In addition, there are fewer scattering losses with nutrient-water solutions, as drip irrigation precisely targets the root of the plant. However, this technique also has disadvantages, as it can only be used for irrigated crops and it is always necessary to use a technologically advanced and therefore often expensive system compared to traditional methods.


Avoidance of corrosion, unnecessary repairs and downtime

Because the technical demands on the irrigation systems (greenhouse or ground) are high, all parts of the system
must meet the highest quality standards in terms of performance, materials and flexibility.
For this reason, Franklin Electric‘s multistage pumps are the first choice for these systems. The Stainless steel construction ensures good resistance to the highly corrosive fertilisers and long-term reliability, avoiding unnecessary system downtime due to component replacement.

The excellent performances and the wide range of flow rates, up to 29 m³/h for the horizontal EH series and up to
115 m³/h for the vertical EV series, allow pressure modulation to meet the requirements of any system. Appropriate water pressure is needed to ensure the necessary mixing of water and fertiliser, and thus the supply and growth of the plants.
Franklin Electric‘s multistage pumps can ensure this high pressure and thus distribute the perfectly composed solution with micro-sprinklers in the right amount over the entire extent of the plant. This guarantees each seedling the necessary nutrient supply.


Flexibility for all needs

The pressure booster pumps must transport the water-fertiliser solution from the tanks into the system. The space
available to place the pumps and the distances that have to be covered when transporting the liquid to the plant
vary greatly. Franklin Electric therefore offers a wide range of pumps to provide the optimum solution for each application. The horizontal multistage pumps make it possible to save space at height, while the vertical multistage pumps are suitable for applications with little usable installation space.

In addition, Franklin Electric offers a wide range of accessories, from pressure vessels to shut-off valves and special designs such as self-priming horizontal pumps or vertical high-pressure pumps connected in series.
Last but not least, the DrivE-Tech and Drive-Tech MINI frequency converters optimise the operation of the pumps
through state-of-the-art electronic technology.


For more information about the products, please refer to the product sites or the attached pdf.