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Franklin Electric High Efficiency Pumping Systems (HES)

The increase of energy costs is becoming more challenging than ever before when carefully sizing a water pumping application. With the Franklin Electric High Efficiency System you can reduce energy costs by up to 21% compared to asynchronous pumping systems.

The Franklin Electric permanent magnet synchronous motor provides superior efficiency, excellent energy savings and strong reliability making it the best choice for your upcoming pumping application. Instead of a traditional shortcircuit induction type rotor, the high efficiency motor contains a permanent magnet rotor that follows Franklin Electric’s well proven design principles.

Learn more about the advantages of the High Efficiency Systems and watch our explainer video:

 HES Video

Energy savings with permanent magnet technology - YouTube

The Permanent Magnet Motor design eliminates electrical rotor losses resulting in lower motor amps, improved partial load behavior and reduced temperature heat rise.

Compared to standard asynchronous motors, energy savings of up to 21 % have been achieved in numerous systems installed worldwide.

  • No electrical rotor losses with permanent magnet motors
  • Up to 15 points (21 %) improved motor efficiency*
  • Reduced motor current / cable cross-section
  • Synchronous speed (no slip)
  • Excellent partial load behaviour (Reduced stock levels)
  • Less temperature heat rise

Read the success stories about our HES installations.

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  • Operation with grid or solar supply
  • Easy and fast commissioning due to initial configuration wizard
  • Remote control and real-time monitoring via Mobile App (4"/6")
  • Remote assistance / Trouble shooting via Mobile App (4"/6")

To help you select the right system for your grid and solar applications, use the HES selection and sizing tool.

Learn more about the advantages of the High Efficiency Systems and watch our explainer video

HES Explainer Video