EV/VR Vertical multistage pumps Spacer coupling now in aluminum


EV/VR Vertical multistage pumps: spacer coupling now in aluminum

EV-VR pumps_spacer coupling

The material of the spacer coupling of EV/VR multistage vertical pumpswill be changed from cast iron to aluminum.

The implementation times are as follows:

EV/VR15-20      production starting     October 1
EV/VR1-10        production starting     October 15
EV/VR30-95      production starting     October 30

Please note that the spacer coupling is fitted to EV/VR pumps in the range of 5.5 kW to 45 kW motors.



This modification improves the balancing of the rotating parts, which further reduces stress and vibration on the bearings and makes the product even more efficient.

The two versions are fully interchangeable. Therefore, the new coupling will be introduced with a smooth transition. The model number of the pump will not change. The spare parts will be updated accordingly.

Section image_spacer coupling


For further information, please contact your local Franklin Electric representative.

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