Conversion of standard winding wire from PVC to PPC


Conversion of the standard winding wire from PVC to PPC for Franklin Electric rewindable motors

The insulation material of our Franklin Electric rewindable motors will be replaced by PPC (Polypropylene Carbonate).

Our long-time supplier of PVC and later also of PVC lead-free winding wire has surprisingly discontinued production, so Franklin Electric had no alternative, but to switch to a new winding wire. Franklin Electric had bought up the complete remaining quantity and, in this way, gained time to intensively examine the alternatives. Now these stocks are also slowly running out so that the successive conversion of the individual cross-sections/motor ratings is expected to be completed by the end of September.

After extensive production, laboratory and field tests with various materials, wedecided on the insulation material PPC (Polypropylene Carbonate) because of the following reasons:

  • Excellent insulation properties (see fig. 1),
  • Very good processability and thus process reliability
  • Many years of field experience with PPC of one of our subsidiaries

Figure 1: Insulation resistance of PVC lead-free and PPC

Isolation Resistance PVC PPC EN


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The documentation will be adapted accordingly shortly.