cooling sleeve kits for submersible motor pumps


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Cooling sleeve kits for Franklin Electric submersible motor pumps

Franklin Electric is expanding its portfolio of accessories and now offers cooling sleeves for all Franklin Electric motors.

The heat loss generated by the submersible motor must be dissipated to the pumped medium by means of convection.

If the minimum cooling speed along the submersible motor cannot be guaranteed, it is mandatory to install a cooling sleeve to generate sufficient cooling. Inadequate cooling can have various causes, such as a well diameter that is too large, the application in “open” water, insufficient flow rate or water inflow from above (top feeding).

To provide cooling, the pump-motor unit is supplemented by a cooling sleeve. This separate „sheet metal jacket” is sealed above the pump inlet. The pumped medium is thus sucked in from below and directed past the motor to dissipate the generated motor heat loss (convection).

Cooling Sleeve 4 Inch

Appropriate brackets and inlet strainers are available for horizontal installation.

Kit components:

1              Cooling sleeve tube (Stainless steel)
2              Pump sealing ring (EPDM) with drinking water approval
3              Motor spacer
4              Pipe clamps
5              Filter strainer (accessories)
6              Console (accessory for horizontal mounting)

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