New EV vertical multistage pumps


Franklin Electric EV Vertical multistage pumps with new design

Franklin Electric presents an improved design of its vertical multistage pumps. Robustness and reliability have been further improved with new components. In addition, the new design features simplified handling thanks to the new cartridge mechanical seal and reduced noise emissions, making the pump the ideal solution for any pressure boosting application.

In terms of continuous improvement, Franklin Electric engineers have made changes to the design and components to further optimize features:

High performance Pressure-boosting for flows up to 115 m³/h (50 Hz), 140 m³/h (60 Hz)EV group new

The pump is available in 10 models with different flow rates and heads. All pumps are WRAS and ACS certified and compatible with commercially available motors.

Reliability and robustness
All wetted parts of the multistage pumps are made of stainless steel. This makes the pump enormously robust and reliable. The new cartridge mechanical seal also increases the strength and reliability of the pump.

Reduced noise emission
The noise emission of the new EV series has been greatly reduced. This makes the pump a silent partner in your daily life in many different applications.

Simple and fast maintenance thanks to removable cartridge mechanical sealCartdridge mech seal

The new mechanical seal also allows the maintenance time of the system to be significantly reduced, as it can be completely replaced. For motors of 5.5 kW and above, it is not even necessary to remove the motor to replace the mechanical seal.
For motors up to 4 kW, the improved design eliminates the need for a thrust bearing. This also allows the pump to be combined with commercially available motors.
Last but not least, a single spare parts code for the mechanical seal ensures simplified stock-keeping.

Easy installation in-line ports

The EV series is available with different pressure and suction connections:

  • Oval flange
  • Round flange
  • Victaulic connection
  • Clamp connection

EV connections options

Technical data

  • Flow rates up to 115 m³/h (50 Hz) / 140 m³/h (60 Hz)
  • Maximum head up to 320 m (50 Hz) / 282 m (60 Hz)
  • Fluid temperature range: from -15 °C to +120 °C
  • Drinking water approvals
  • Mechanical seal type E1 = graphite / silicon carbide / EPDM (EN 12756 ex DIN 24960S)
  • Mechanical seal type (balanced) = graphite / silicon carbide / EPDM (models 30-45-65-95)
  • Motor: AEG Lafert up to 45 kW standard

For ordering information and more options please refer to the product catalog.