New inverter device: Drive-Tech MINI and pump systems EH-DTm and EM-DTm


Franklin Electric is pleased to introduce the new inverter device Drive-Tech MINI, which is mounted onto the motor of EH and EM pumps. For many years the E-Tech Multistage Pump Series EH and EM have been considered as the most efficient pumping systems in the market. With the Drive-Tech MINI the energy-saving benefits of these systems will be even higher.

The Drive-Tech MINI has a cast aluminum casing (with IP55 enclosure rating), which is equipped with an integrated ventilation system to improve thermal and mechanical performance.

The Drive-Tech MINI with its state-of-the-art technology combines efficiency, simplicity, innovation and safety:

Efficiency: The Drive-Tech MINI achieves overall energy savings up to 40 %, compared to conventional speed control systems.

Simplicity: The Drive-Tech MINI is mounted directly onto the motor control box. It is already supplied with a 2.0 meter power cable and a 1.50 meter cable to connect with the pressure transducer.

Innovation: The Drive-Tech MINI can be controlled manually by the board panel or via Bluetooth by the Franklin Smartphone App “FE Connect Drivetech” (Android and IOS), enabling you to set and monitor the system remotely, save working data and increase the pump performance.

Safety: The integrated Class B (EN55011) input-filter prevents any type of disturbances in the domestic network to ensure a reliable use. The filter follows EMC Directives (electromagnetic compatibility).

In combination with the Drive-Tech MINI, the performance of the EH-DTm and EM-DTm systems has been improved even further. There are six models with flows up to 17 m³/h, head up to 101 m and power ranges from 0.55 kW up to 1.5 kW making EH-DTm and EM-DTm Pumping Systems the ideal solution for boosting systems, HVAC plants and general water supply.

The EH-DTm and EM-DTm systems can be operated with up to 8 combined units (COMBO setting) with each Drive-Tech MINI controlling and protecting its pump. The operation is shared among all connected pumps to balance the pump wearing. In case of an operation failure of a pump, the remaining pumps continue to work.

For commercial information such as prices and lead times, please contact your commercial or marketing contact in Franklin Electric / E-Tech