EV Vertical Multistage Pumps: High Pressure System


Franklin Electric is pleased to introduce the High Pressure System for EV Vertical Multistage Pumps. Franklin Electric has developed the EV High Pressure Pumping System, which allows pressure up to 50 bar for applications such as water treatment (ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis), high pressure washing systems and heating boilers.

The EV High Pressure System has a robust design, equipped with Victaulic couplings and a balanced mechanical seal for reliable resistance against high pressure. This guarantees a long product life.

There are two different configurations available:

In case of “high” suction pressure and discharge pressure of up to 50 bar, the H single pump is the right solution.
1-      Reinforced external casing
2-      Balanced mechanical seal

In case of “low” suction pressure (close to atmospheric) and discharge pressure of up to 50 bar, the Tandem system is the right solution. It contains the following elements:

1-      EV Standard pump
2-      EV H
3-      Kit pipe and 2 Victaulic couplings

The EV High Pressure System models are available from EV1 up to EV20, in VN (Victaulic couplings) and AISI316 version. They are identified in the pump identification code as follows:

EV20/14 VN 150 T BV4 H IE3 ELP 400/690/A (example)

For further information please see attachment. For commercial information such as prices and lead times, please contact your commercial or marketing contact in Franklin Electric / E-Tech.