Booster Sets GD Series

Booster Sets GD Series

Variable speed booster pump sets with DrivE-Tech and Drive-Tech MINI

The GD series booster sets consist of two or three identical electric pumps coupled in parallel via manifolds, shut-off valves, check valves and fixed on a single base.
The electric pumps are controlled by one inverter for each electric pump, which modulates the operating frequency in order to maintain a constant set value.

Product Info
  • Applications

    • Small household and industrial systems / Household water delivery
    • Water distribution and pressure increase
    • Irrigation / Gardening / Rainwater collection
    • Industrial facilities / Washing units
    • Cooling and chilling / Heating and conditioning / Air conditioning systems


    • Other sundry installations
    • Compact design
    • Easy of installation, all sets are assembled, wired and tested at the factory


    • Flow rate: up to 84 m³/h
    • Head:
    • up to 104 m for sets with series EM and EH electric pumps
    • up to 160 m for sets with series EV electric pumps
    • Maximum operating pressure:
    • PN10 for sets with series EM and EH electric pumps
    • PN16 for sets with series EV electric pumps
    • The sum of the inflow pressure and the maximum pressure produced by the electric pump with zero flow rate must always be lower than the maximum operating pressure permitted by the set
    • Power supply voltage:
    • 1 x 230 V 50 Hz for model GDM sets
    • 3 x 400 V 50 Hz for model GDT sets
    • Ambient temperature at nominal load: max 40 °C
    • Relative humidity: max 50% at 40 °C (with no condensation phenomena)
    • Max altitude at nominal load: 1000 m asl
    • Electrically pumped liquid temperature: clean water between +5 °C and +35 °C


    • Electric pumps series EH, EM or EV
    • Base and electric panel door in powder painted sheet metal
    • Suction and delivery manifolds in galvanised iron
    • Counter-flanges for series EV electric pumps
    • Shutoff valves on suction and delivery of each electric pump
    • Check valve on delivery of each electric pump
    • Cast iron female plugs to close manifolds
    • 1 electronic pressure sensor for each installed electric pump
    • 1 pressure gauge
    • Connections for membrane tank
    • One DrivE-Tech or DrivE-Tech MINI inverter per electric pump
    • Control and protection panel for inverters
    • Galvanised steel hardware