SubDrive QuickPAK

SubDrive QuickPAK

All-in-One Package:

The Franklin Electric SubDrive QuickPAK is an all-in-one package with an extended warranty available on pump, motor and drive.

The SubDrive QuickPAK includes:

  • Pump
  • Motor
  • SubDrive variable frequency controller
Product Info
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  • Key Features:

    • SubDrive QuickPAK is Franklin’s popular system solution package, designed to simplify the installation of a constant pressure system
    • Motor, pump, and drive in one package
    • Selection based on flow and total dynamic head
    • Extended warranty available on QuickPAK components
    • Soft start feature prevents water hammer and increases motor life
    • Works with small or large pressure tanks, even works with an existing tank
    • Smart Reset® technology allows well recovery before restarting the pump
    • Excellent radio frequency interference shielding

    The SubDrive QuickPAK includes:

    • Flexible power inputs featuring single-phase input power with three-phase motor performance, using 1.1 - 2,2kW motors


    • Residential water systems
    • City-like water pressure
    • Smaller tank saves space
    • Landscape irrigation systems
    • Even distribution of water in zones
    • Eliminates need for separate system
    • Water treatment systems
    • More efficient back flushing
    • Eliminates need for multiple pumps
    • Geothermal systems
    • Constant pressure boosting
    • Ability to pump from a cistern or holding tank

    Built-in Diagnostics and Protection:

    • The SubDrive QuickPAK products include diagnostic features and built-in protection from potentially harmful conditions
    • Surge
    • Undervoltage
    • Locked pump
    • Open circuit
    • Short circuit
    • Overheated controller
  • QuickPAK Model Numbers

    Model Numbers
    308 714 62160SDQP-1.1 kW-N160
    308 715 62160SDQP-1.5 kW-N160
    308 716 52160SDQP-2.2 kW-N160

    SubDrive QuickPAK Included Parts - Model Numbers

    SDPart No.kWOutlet Size
    l/minDesignHydraulicsPart No.kWPart No.
    SD75-N1587 020 33800.553260SSNoryl938 715 071.1234 714 1621L
    SD100-N1587 020 41000.753260SSNoryl938 715 101.5234 715 1621L
    SD150-N1587 020 41501.13260SSNoryl938 715 152.2234 716 2521L