New EV vertical multistage pumps ordering information


Franklin Electric EV Vertical multistage pumps - New design ordering informationEV NEW

Last week Franklin Electric introduced the new design of vertical multistage pumps with further improved robustness and reliability and simplified handling thanks to the new removable cartridge mechanical seal.

Here we will provide further important ordering information that will help you to choose the right pump for your application.

Orders of new models possible from 17 May

The pumps can be ordered from 17 May 2021. Your Franklin Electric sales assistant will return an order confirmation with the new part numbers and pricing.

EV nameplateNew part numbers (D)

The new models will have a new part number that can be easily identified in the attached document that cross-references new and old models.


New pump identification codes (A)

 Enclosed in the same document, you can find the new legend for easy pump identification of the pump models with explanation of each term.


Changes in motor size

In order to optimize the performance of the pumps, the motor sizes have been changed on some models.

You will find this information in the cross-reference tables.


For more information about the products, please consult the catalog on our website