GeoFluid Academy 2022


GeoFluid Academy, in the field of drilling, has launched an original formula that combines training activities for engineers, geologists, drilling technicians with the possibility of learning about technological advances and operating procedures that allow for better operations.

After the excellent results of the first edition dedicated to drilling technologies, the second edition is divided into two days and has the following themes:

  • Materials and products used in the construction of water wells (various types of pipes and filters; various materials for drainage, hydraulic insulation, cementations)
  • Well lifting systems for water and heat exchange (submersible electric pumps, various types of delivery pipes, wellhead hydraulic components; pump start-up panels, management of heat exchange systems with inverters and PLC, filtration, the presence of ferrobacteria)

In addition to the classroom lessons, held by specialists and operators in the sector, participants will have the opportunity to see closely and collect detailed information on the products illustrated during the lessons by visiting the small stands that producers and distributors will set up in the area with the presence and the availability of technicians to investigate specific issues and requests.

Piacenzaexpo in collaboration with ANIPA and Acque Suantee organizes the second edition of GeoFluid Academy to respond to the request for professional updating linked to the practical use of construction technologies; an opportunity for everyone to discuss and study in a sector in which Italy is second to none in the world.

From: 19/10/2022
To: 20/10/2022


Piacenza Expo


Loc. Le Mose Via Tirotti, 11 - 29122 Piacenza (Italy)