Fhoton SolarPAK HR

Fhoton SolarPAK HR


The Fhoton HR SolarPAK System features helical rotor pumps as an addition to the current Fhoton SolarPAK product family. The helical rotor pump (sometimes called a progressive cavity or positive displacement pump) generates substantial water pressure at lower flows, providing water even during times of indirect sunlight. Since less energy is required, the Fhoton HR SolarPAK utilizes a minimum number of solar panels, making it ideal for applications with flexible water volume requirements.

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  • Features

    • 4" NEMA standard construction dimensions
    • Flex-shaft that allows for minimal radial wear to the motor
    • Proprietary software provides increased dry-run and low-flow protection
    • 4" Franklin Electric motor
    • Built-in check valve
    • Pump upthrust washer serves as additional shaft protection from excessive wear in the event of reversed rotation
    • Serviceability by pump and motor detaching when needed
    • Unique HR FHoton drive algorithm provides increased starting torque levels

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    SolarPAK Contents
    • Franklin Electric 4" submersible motor 0.75 kW / 1.1 kW
    • Franklin Electric 4" submersible helical rotor pump 10, 25 or 50 lpm
    • FHotonTM Solar controller: 0.55 kW / 1.1 kW
  • Fhoton SolarPAK HR Model Numbers:

    SolarPAK HR EU MDLFHotonTM Solar ControllerlpmSolar Pump (BSPP)**kWMotor*
    SolarPak HR ModelOrder No.Drive ModelPart No.Solar PumpPart No.Part No.
    10-FDSP 0.55 kW-HR308 752 681FD Solar 0.55 kW N4581 013 000
    1010SL07S4-HRXB830 008 6240.75234 802 6700L
    25-FDSP 0.55 kW-HR308 752 682FD Solar 0.55 kW N4581 013 000
    2525SL07S4-HRXB830 008 6610.75234 802 6700L
    50-FDSP 1.10 kW-HR308 754 683FD Solar 1.10 kW N4581 014 200
    5050SL07S4-HRXB830 008 6541.10234 703 6700L
    • *Full 316 Stainless Steel motors available on request
    • **All pumps included in HR SolarPaks are supplied with an internal check valve.

    Model Numbers - Optional Flow Switch (BSPP):

    Optional Flow Switch (BSPP)
    ModelPart No.
    C25226 014 101

    FHotonTM HR SolarPAK - Drive Specifications:

    0.55 kW Model 1.1 kW Model
    Controller Model No.58101300086C-62IP000
    Max. Output Voltage100V AC, 3-phase200V AC, 3-phase
    Max. Amps (RMS)8.6 A, each phase6.8 A, each phase
    Output Frequency20-50 Hz
    Efficiency at Max Power0.98
    PV Source / Input
    Max. Input Voltage*45 - 300 VDC**115 - 420 V DC
    Max. Amps Input7.2 A DC, continuous6.2 A DC, continuous
    Power at MPPUp to 1200 wattsUp to 2000 watts
    VOC300 V420 V
    Controller Size - L x W x D
    mm152 x 152 x 190152 x 152 x 190
    Controller Weight
    Operating Conditions
    Temperature Range-25 °C to 50 °C (40 °C max. when using AC generator)
    Relative Humidity Range0 to 100% Condensing
    Enclosure RatingIP66
    • *45 and **115 VDC for the 0.55 kW and 1.1 kW models respectively should not be interpreted as an adequate rated PV array output voltage for any installation.
    • See the PV Solar Array Specifications and System Sizing program for indication of adequate array voltage to provide useful pumping capability.
  • HR Solar PMA Dimensions*:

    SolarPAK HRkWABCDischargePump WeightPMA Weight
    10-FDSP 0.55 kW-HR0.756302709001" 1/4324.514.1
    25-FDSP 0.55 kW-HR0.756302709001" 1/4325.515.0
    50-FDSP 1.10 kW-HR1.106302989281" 1/4326.415.6
    • NOTE: Maximum diameter across cable guard is 99 mm on all models.
    • *For dimensions with drawings, please download the pdf file product information

    Solar Controller Dimensions:

    • *For dimensions with drawings, please download the pdf file product information