New SubDrive Connect series


Franklin Electric Europe is pleased to announce the launch of the new SubDrive Connect. This new generation of our residential-light commercial constant pressure system builds on the proven functionality of the current design, enhancing it with state of the art features. The new SubDrive Connect series is more efficient, more robust and more user-friendly than ever before, making it the perfect solution to provide constant pressure through variable speed control of submersible pumps. Its versatility, advanced functionality and well-chosen components let the new series be the first choice for both the “plug-and-play” user and the water system professional.


  • Plug and play system
  • FE connect Mobile Application for advanced settings and monitoring
  • Easy-to-read LCD display for system pressure and fault identification
  • Constant water pressure with a wide range of settings (0.5 to 9.5 bar)
  • Built-in diagnostics and protection
  • Built-in duplex alternator for dual drive operation
  • User-defined motor frequency range
  • Single-phase 3-Wire motor operation (60 Hz)
  • Advanced motor soft-start feature increases motor life
  • Backwards compatibility and easy installation
  • Proven components for long-term reliability
  • CE, cULus and UL approved

System Options / Accessories

  • Moisture Sensor – wet floor identification
  • 4-20 mA analog pressure transducer – 6, 10, 16 bar
  • Outdoor rated cable kit for analog pressure transducer
  • Communication cable kit for built-in duplex alternator
  • Replacement kit for input and display board
  • Input and output filters
  • Lightning arrestor
  • Fan replacement kit
  • Standard SubDrive pressure switch

Service / Support

  • Easy commissioning by plug and play system
  • User defined set-up
  • Spare part kits for electronic controller and motor
  • Enhanced field reparability – Input & display board / Fan replacement
  • Franklin Electric Connect Mobile Application


on stock

Please do not hesitate to contact your Franklin Electric Area Sales Manager or Field Service Engineer for additional information.

New Horizontal Multistage Self-Priming Pumps EHsp


Franklin Electric is pleased to announce the introduction of the new horizontal multistage self-priming pump EHsp.

Evolving from the technology of the horizontal multistage pump EH, EHsp features a design innovation of a special elastic valve system allowing air, present in the system, to escape - suction height up to 7 meters in less than 5 minutes. During start, this elastic valve, which is located at the first stage, opens to allow air to escape out of the system and water to enter the pump. As soon as the pressure arrives at a certain point, the valve closes, and the pump reaches the required performance.

This makes the EHsp the only stainless steel AISI304 self-priming horizontal multistage pump in the market.


TECHNICAL FEATURES                      

  • Max suction height: up to 7 m
  • Max time of suction: less than 5 minutes
  • Close coupled design, robust and corrosion resistant
  • Floating neck ring in PPS
  • Impellers, diffusers and self-priming system completely in AISI304
  • Robust ball bearing mounted inside the motor
  • Available in 4 models, all single phase motor



  • Residential and domestic buildings
  • Water supply
  • Pressurization
  • Irrigation and agriculture
  • Small industry


For commercial information about prices and lead time, please contact your commercial or marketing contact in Franklin Electric / E-Tech.

Release of 6" submersible pumps VSY with Noryl® impellers



Franklin Electric Europe is pleased to announce the launch of the 6" submersible pump line VSY. This new development combines the proven E-Tech mechanical design with high-performance Noryl® hydraulic components. After having completed an intensive test period the new VSY series has proven to be the ideal combination for a more cost effective pumping system "Made in Italy".


  • 10 / 15 & 24 m³/h (10 and 15 m³/h are complying to MEI 0,4)
  • Proven E-Tech mechanical design with high-performance Noryl® hydraulic components
  • Up to 32 m³/h at 50 Hz
  • Up to 40 bar (400 m) at 50 Hz
  • Up to 70 % efficiency
  • NEMA motor connection
  • Vertical and horizontal operation
  • ”Made in Italy”



Standard 304SS pump code: VS 46 / 9
Noryl® pump code:                 VSY 46 / 9



  • Two weeks lead time, some models on stock
  • Mix-flow version will follow shortly.


New Vertical Multistage Pumps EM



Franklin Electric Europe is pleased to announce the introduction of the new product range of Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pumps EM. As Franklin Electric is always focussed on customer needs and continuously adapts to market changes, the new product range has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of building services and small industries in energy saving challenges and market competitiveness through reliability and performance. Vertical Multistage Pumps EM contain stainless steel hydraulic parts, cast iron pump body and high-efficiency IE3 motors: the best solution in the market to combine robustness, quality and efficiency.


  • Compact close-coupled design, robust and corrosion resistant / superior efficiency and performances
  • Three models available: EM3, EM5, EM9
  • Flow up to 14 m3/h and head up to 104 m
  • Floating neck ring in PPS
  • Impellers and diffusers are made of stainless steel AISI304 in order to achieve durability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Strong and leak-proof motor ball bearing fitted in the motor
  • Carbon / Ceramic / EPDM mechanical seal
  • Max. working pressure: 12 bar
  • Temperature range: min. -15 °C, max +90 °C for domestic use, +110 °C for industrial use
  • Three available versions: D = threaded inline ports; T = oval in line ports; R = 1. threaded suction port, 2. threaded discharge ports (top down)
  • Single phase and IE3 three phase motors up to 3 kW


  • Residential and domestic buildings
  • Water supply
  • Pressurization
  • Irrigation and agriculture
  • Industry

Please do not hesitate to contact your Franklin Electric or E-Tech contact person
for additional information.


Franklin Electric Europe Announces New Website


Franklin Electric Europe is pleased to announce the launch of the new website which combines the complete product portfolio of the Franklin Electric Corporate brands. Starting 6th of February you can find all product details of Franklin Electric motor systems, Coverco motors as well as E-Tech and FPS pumping systems in a common source. Of course the new online presence also contains extensive information on control boxes and related accessories and also provides numerous useful documents and contact information in the service section.

The website is launched in English, Italian and German language. Further languages will follow shortly.



Franklin Electric Europe is pleased to announce the launch of the new FHOTON SolarPAK. The complete package, consisting of FHOTON controller, solar motor, 4" centrifugal pump and flow switch offers a unique, compact and smart high-output system solution, to meet your solar water pumping requirements. The FHOTON controller unit itself converts PV panels' DC power to AC and can drive a wide range of submersible and surface motor types. The user-friendly plug and play system of the FHOTON controller brings additional installation flexibility and allows an easy commissioning. Due to its latest hardware technology, intelligent software design and reliability the FHOTON SolarPAK enables the end user to get more water with less sunlight needed.


  • High-flow system with significant water output
  • Optimized for use in borehole pumping systems
  • Fhoton controller with compact and robust IP66 enclosure for harsh environments
  • Plug and play system
  • Built-in diagnostics and protection
  • Advanced motor control algorithm and soft-start feature increasing system life
  • Proven components for long-term reliability
  • No maintenance required (modular design w/o wiring)
  • CE, cULus and UL approved